5 best Pets for a child

Buying kids Pets, parents teach toddlers to the sense of responsibility from early childhood. Of course, a small child who dreams of a hamster or kitten do not have to independently care for animals — parents should help. The decision to purchase a pet must be mutual and balanced. Before taking on such a responsibility, it is necessary for a family meeting to decide what animal is best suited for your family and for little baby. If you have already decided whom to buy, learn more about this animal. Some Pets can get too much of a hassle, in addition, they are often aggressive, so if you want to get a chinchilla or a lizard, think a hundred times. When choosing a pet, you need to consider the nature and temperament of your child. Let’s look at those animals that are best suited for families with small children.

Aquarium fish. It is believed that fish are more suited to adult family members, and for good reason. For fish need special care and lots of attention, which you will not be able to give the child. However, if the child already goes to school, you can safely buy the aquarium and to “colonize” in some colorful fish. They fascinate by its beauty and tranquility. In addition,the aquarium in the house improves the microclimate, adds coziness and comfort in the interior space. The most unpretentious in care is considered labyrinth fish, which include ktenopomy, makropody, dwarf gourami, and gourami males.

Birds. With them is never boring! Any bird, whether it be a Canary or a parrot decorates the house with their presence. If you really want to captivate your baby, buy a bird that can imitate human speech and animal sounds. In free time the child will be, what to do: for example, he is able to teach a parrot to sing the songs. As for the cons, most birds are very loud, so you need to be ready that early in the morning you’ll Wake up not the clock, and tweeting! Otherwise caring for birds requires special skills.

All rodents. They’re beautiful, fluffy and soft! Many call them demure and very vain! For example, rabbits at night can not sleep and rattle anything in the cage. The same applies to hamsters and Guinea pigs. But chinchillas and ferrets can be very severe, so that small children they are not worth buying. The advantages should be attributed to the fact that rodents in the house is a small space, low power, and require only minimal care. Many rodents are very active, for example, rats. Can play with them, to hold in your hands. Small children always have a lot of positive emotions when they see a small furry creature. However, be on the alert: if rodents, especially rabbits, accidentally break free from their cells, we can have something to chew on. Most of all they love the wire. In addition, among the shortcomings should be noted the short lifespan of rodents and a danger to a small child — a rodent bite can hurt.

Cat. This is the most loving and affectionate animals. Cats have therapeutic abilities, what has long been the researchers say. So another child will not miss. A cat might play with a child, and sleep with him. In addition, this pet is considered one of the most cleanly. Easily accustomed to the toilet, licking fur regularly. Watching cats is a pleasure. In addition, they do not require any special food and care. Of the downsides should be noted that cats spoil the Wallpaper and furniture, and can during the game it hurts to bite a child. If you have a very young child, it is better to have in the house neutered adult cat — they are of a calm nature. For children of school age it is better to buy a little kitten.

Dogs. These are the most sociable and gentle creatures, but they will only after training and proper treatment. Most dogs have very high intelligence, and they understand the owners perfectly. In addition, the dog will perform not only the role of beloved pet, but the security guard of the apartment. Disadvantages: puppies often chew on furniture, household items, and shoes, and also make puddles and heaps if them in time not to walk. If you want to find a friend her baby, puppies, choose the most peaceful and friendly species. Be determined with the help of experienced handlers.

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