5 exotic Pets in our lane

We’ve learned that pet is a cute dog, cute cat or playful budgies. Unusual Pets are considered turtles, rabbits or weird blue crayfish in the aquarium.

Meanwhile, some animals are very hard to fancy as a pet, and not only because of their rarity, but largely because we know little about caring for them and even how to get pleasure from communication with representatives of their breed.

We present you a list of the five most exotic Pets available in our area and absolutely legal, as well as food for thought about whether to acquire such a pet.


Applies to reptiles, in fact, is a large and very beautiful lizard, it corresponds to our ideas about the exotic animal at home. Iguanas are slow, so the undoubted advantages include the fact that they are in the building with no fuss. This is a very intelligent (for lizards) animals that amuse and even touch, if they’re really attached to the person.

Strange lizard resembling a dragon, breathes fire, but is able to purr with pleasure like a cat, enjoys the reunion with her beloved master and make him an unusual bunch of boring evenings.

The disadvantages include the habit of biting, clean the snake’s reaction, if, for example, nastupatelnaya on the tail, and rather unpleasant attention to women during menstruation (the iguanas are particularly sensitive sense of smell, which makes them inadequately respond to women’s critical days).

Iguanas, for that matter, and all the guests on this list will not pee in my terrarium, so there is the question of hygiene in the house. Besides the iguanas constantly cold — our sanitary standards of the premises totally unusable for them, and if you don’t warm up the room with the onset of cold weather, the iguana will suffer greatly and may become ill.


In America tame skunks and raccoons, in Asia, mongooses, and in our latitudes, it corresponds to none other than the ferret. Cute, bright, funny animal, which is good to tame, and, to the delight of wildlife lovers, retains the charm of a wild animal. His long body is constantly doing some tricks. Ferrets are smart and love playing with the owner.

Play with the ferret must, otherwise the excess energy without release will lead to the fact that the ferret will turn your house upside down. Avoiding this is simple: on the night leave the supposedly forgotten potatoes, socks, small toys, and in the morning you can take them back from the Treasury of your pet. He will not mind — this is your game.

The downside is that you have to regularly confront the question of mating your ferret. And much more if you are female. The fact that no pairing occurs in the animals hormonal shock, and in his terms a ferret is ill and can even die, so no pills, surgery and other attempts to make your life easier with the ferret simply will not work. It would seem that a great thing — to arrange binding. But the problem is that ferrets are few, and would not have to carry the bride to the groom in a nearby city or even further.


Any list of exotic Pets must include at least one of the species of snakes. Whether it’s much or pythonic — you decide. Pythons, of course, prettier and bigger. A lot of people with love for nature fails to understand, why keep the bastard in the apartment, especially with children, but are in fact willing!

Snakes are purely aesthetic interest. They do not Shine with intelligence, as mammals, do not show any warm feelings (and most likely none in principle), it is difficult to imagine their affection or gratitude, and about the training and say nothing. Here, apparently, it’s all about pure love for the exotic and the contemplation of the slow and smooth movements of their beautiful muscular body, and yet, perhaps, you like to tickle their nerves, keeping house snake.

Care problems with snakes a bit, but they dramatically. Snakes are always freezing and need the heating of the terrarium and temperature of the room where he stands. If your Python will make a foray in non-heated adjoining room, bath, pantry, risks to cool the muscles and lose the ability to move. You will need to look for pet that it is absolutely helpless, and still probably angry at everything.

The second problem linked to nutrition. The diet consists of rodents, so if you want to have this exotic pet, like a Python, be prepared to fiddle with the corpses of those whom your friends might keep Pets. What are the cubs of snakes with their whims: sometimes I have to manually shred the thawed mouse to a Hatchling has finally deigned to eat.

Of course, the larger the snake, the bigger problem is spree an adult Python is really capable of killing a neighbor’s dog, so releasing them is impossible. At the slightest danger for yourself or your animals strangers can kill the snake, and in fact will be right, and you are guilty.


It is about calling a chill, but the popular tarantula. Not funny if the pet is for a young teenager? Although adult males sometimes get an eight legged friend, and even those friendly family of naturalists, giving care to all animals, regardless of their type.

The funniest situation happened that the owners of such animals — most guests are in a hurry to leave the house, barely recognizing whom you sheltered in a plastic container. But if you make a tarantula, do not abuse the jokes of friends and family members — a person may experience an Allergy attack and can trigger the instinct, will go to the course boots, and in a matter of seconds from your spider will literally stay wet spot. Keep the tarantula safe and keep walking around the house, as these insects are very fragile creatures.

The downside is that being provoked, they do bite their venom is not dangerous to humans, but pleasant enough. Tarantulas live for a long time, up to 30 years, a few times shed, and during molting you have silicone tweezers to court spider. Stuck in a chitinous shell and without having received assistance (of disgust or negligence of the owner), the tarantula dies.


Exotic Pets can not only provoke disgust in you, but to impress you with its luxury and grace. The latter, of course, refers to the ocelot — amazing predator from the cat family. Ocelot incredibly charming, he has beautiful body and hot nature.

Domestic cats he will give a hundred points ahead of the activity, vigor, unexpected tricks and bright wild energy. Despite all of the above, to keep the ocelot house. Fortunately, the size of his most suitable — he’s a bit bigger than normal cats.

Ocelot will never be a bag lying for days, contemplating your movement around the room, but you can count on his attachment to the house. Ocelot escaped — a rarity.

The problem is that if this happens, unfortunately the cat is unlikely to survive in urban environments because of the stress. You need to take care of this animal, but to lock it in four walls severely, so as to bring the ocelot is better for those who have a private house with a well fenced yard and possibility of night hunting in the trees.

It’s clear that for all the bizarre beasts that now people are settled in your home, simply not enough space: this is a porcupine, cheetahs, dwarf kangaroos, crocodiles and hippos, wombats and lemurs, and even Sizzling Asian cockroaches. Get them difficult but even more difficult to acclimatize in our country the animal is arriving from Australia, Brazil or Madagascar.

And the Pets are well accustomed in these latitudes, even if born somewhere far away, so at least the problem of survival you will have. But the exotics will be a must!

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