5 reasons to have a pet

In this difficult matter, animals, all people are divided into three types: an incorrigible dog people and cat people who can’t go a day without their tailed Pets, fierce zverininkystes, categorically not those who receive any four-legged forms of life in to your space, and those who are still undecided whether they want to accommodate a little furry miracle. If you belong to the third, this article is for you! In it we will try to convince you that having animals in the house can bring not only aesthetic but also practical value. And here’s why.

1. You’ll never be lonely.

For people who live alone, a pet is a real godsend. He can communicate just like with any of your friends, and only friends know how animals sometimes even better than people! No one so sincerely will rejoice your coming from work, as all loyal heart dog, and anyone you calmly fall asleep arm in arm, with gentle plush cat.

Animals are always sensitive to changes in your mood. If you feel bad, they will come to comfort you, leaping into your hands, or laying his head on his knees. This four-legged wards will not condemn you for careless appearance, antisocial behavior and severe – they love you for what you have. Pet is a kind of outlet and opportunity to be in someone’s unobtrusive society, when to see and hear things no one wants. Those who have home lives of some animal, never feel lonely.

2. You will be the one to care about.

We all want to be needed by someone, and caring – the same natural human instinct, and longing for love. A pet is much like a small child to feed by the clock, bathe with a special shampoo and to watch his health, because he will not do it. The realization that you depends on the well-being of another being, gives a sense of importance and eliminates depressive thoughts like “nobody wants me” and “I’m not someone to live for”.

Animals have a remarkable ability – even in the most callous person they evoke an instant emotional response, and we take the time and effort to go out was found in an alley a blind kitten. Surely each there lives a quarrelsome old woman, ready to kill for opened door in the hallway, but lovely cooing to his cat. This simple real-life example proves that Pets evoke in us the best qualities of our nature, making us kinder and more humane.

3. There’s always something to do.

Messing around with animals is always fun and interesting. Game with a dog in the Park, or a session of catch-up with the kitten around the apartment like nothing else will cheer up yourself and everyone who will watch it. Even the usual evening watching a movie becomes much more enjoyable when your belly you have is a furry purring ball. Happy pet owners never ask themselves: “What would do today?” When you have nothing to do or just plain bored, your pet will figure out how to entertain!

The amount of time you spend with domestic animals, not necessarily to spend. The higher organized animal, the more it can be taught. Training dogs can be turned into a real hobby, if you approach this matter responsibly. Looking like your shaggy pet is developing new teams and inexperienced grows from a puppy into an adult dog smart, you will feel the real parental pride for all the efforts that you have invested in the educational process.

4. Good atmosphere in the house.

That having Pets helps to clear energy housing is not a folk superstition. Animals interact with the environment not exactly, like humans, they rely more on gut than on the brain, and is able to perceive the energy flows on a much more subtle level. It is well known that in places with a bad aura dogs and cats are restless, thereby indicating that the room is “infected”. If any object or person comes negative energy, the animals feel it and try to warn the owners, for example, barking at the closet, where lies a “bad” thing, or doing their dirty business right into the shoes of a malevolent guest. So before you scold your pet, try to figure out whether he forgot where his tray, or just cares about you.

The most powerful in this respect, animals are considered to be cats. Besides the fact that they surround your home with energy protection, the fluffy murlyka and willingly treat favorite hosts is not worse certified doctors and expensive imported drugs. If you are sick and tired pet will definitely give you a session cocoteraie, sitting on the problem area and warming him with her body heat. Often, after such a lively lotions the patient feels much better. Do not treat Pets as beings, devoid of understanding what is happening, and let them help you – the animals always repay kindness for the sincere love and care.

5. Help in the upbringing of children.

To teach children to justice – a real meal, because the child is difficult to explain why you need time to do things. Another thing when it directly relates to his own interests! Kids love animals and parents for months to get a request to start some animal – follow the desire of his child, but explain that taking care of a new member of the family rests squarely on his shoulders.

Even a tiny hamster, easily fits in the palm, and requires minimal maintenance in the form of regular changing of sawdust, wash house and resupply food. Not to mention the kitten or puppy who need to wash ears and eyes, to wipe their paws after a walk, to comb the wool clumps and to allow time for communication and education. You will not believe it, but the love of four-legged friend can make even the most inveterate sluggard to rise out of bed early in the morning to have time to walk the dog before school – unless, of course, he would know that no one else will do it. Desire to care of a loved pet is often stronger than laziness and irresponsibility, and in the end, the child gets used punctually to perform the important things and organize your time. It turns out that pet is not a burden, but a very effective pedagogical tool that the kid himself will gladly put you in his hands.

As you can see, in favor of Pets you can cause a lot of arguments, clearly outweighs minor flaws such as soiled in process of accustoming to the tray of the carpet and the hair on the sofa during molting. So next time when your friends offer you a kitten, do not rush to refuse the opportunity to acquire in its cute muzzle an inexhaustible source of positive energy that will brighten your life with his friendly presence!

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