Animals and children.

All children love Pets . While still quite young children, they are often besieged by parents asking to buy them a four-legged friend or another home it pet. However, many parents in the appearance of their house animal only see problems. Because many parents are afraid of aggressive animals and need constant care and clean up after them. Psychologists believe that it is best to have a pet child, when he turns four.

The most suitable animals at this age are Guinea pig, hamster, tortoise, parrot, rabbit or an aquarium with fish. Although young children cannot care for them, but give them the opportunity to help, when I change the cells in the litter, feed the animals. Already from the age of five can be trusted most of the concerns for his little pet owner. Small children usually know about allowed only through the familiar cartoons or pictures, to a living pet they at first treated as a toy. Therefore, parents should patiently explain that the animal is not a toy and need to communicate with him as with a living creature, but at the same time, he’s not human, so his tastes and manners don’t coincide with the lifestyle of the baby.

Pets play a huge role in the upbringing of the child. A small child reaches out to pet him and posnetke the world around him. As a result of communicating with animals in children is curiosity and observation, and taking care of Pets, they learn to work and caring attitude not only to wildlife but also to humans.

The youngest child is school age you can get a cat, but if he is at least ten years, you can buy a dog. A ten year old child can walk the dog and is able to be her true master. To avoid the possible aggression of a four-legged friend, you should pay special attention to when buying a dog. After all, each breed of dog should be used for its intended purpose, buying a guard dog to guard the house hunting – for hunting, for circus performances, etc. Hunting and guard dogs can show aggression towards the child, if they are forced to be smart and gentle nanny for a small child.

Aggressive behavior of cats in relation to children, a rather rare occurrence. Usually cats claws and teeth only in self-defense when the child makes to do it that cats are unpleasant and when it hurt. Many children, not waiting for the happy day when parents will buy him a dog or cat prefer to pick up on the street homeless puppy or kitten. In such cases, you should not scold the child and kick out a homeless animal on the street, and better set the child on probation, for which he needs to prove himself independent and reliable owner of the dog or cat.

If a child can not cope with the rehabilitation and care for a pet, it is better to attach an animal to a shelter or give in good hands for the announcement. It is very important to keep in mind that, very often, stray animals suffer from various diseases and are carriers of various viruses and parasites, can be transmitted to your child. Having made the decision to leave the foundling home with you, be sure to call a veterinarian to inspect the animal. Even if the animal has not found out any suspicious symptoms of contagious diseases, a veterinarian should recommend you to go with stray animals, a number of preventive and hygiene procedures.

Unfortunately, the relationship between children and animals is not always friendly. Some children may be treated cruelly in relation to the frogs, insects, kittens, puppies and especially to homeless animals. If the child pulls the legs of the insect or frog, has a kitten or a dog, parents should immediately look for the causes of such behavior. Analyze all that is wrong in your relationship with the child and what circumstances has piqued your child’s anger and hatred towards the helpless creature. To solve the problem and to identify the causes of aggression in your child can be addressed by experienced psychologists.

For various reasons some parents do not have the opportunity to care for a pet, and the child has no desire to care for a pet. Very often in the case of a regular protest baby animal just thrown into the street. This behavior of parents is the worst example that parents can show their child. Before you throw a pet into the street, think about their behavior. Try to find the right way to solve the problem, and it is instilling in the child a sense of responsibility and hard work.

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