Animals for anti-allergen

Scientists proved that are allergic to all the animals is impossible, that is, all is not lost If you already know what you want pet, try to sit with him for about an hour at a friend or the breeder seller.

Here are some of the options for hypoallergenic animals:

1) Chinchilla is the most hypoallergenic animal and has a different color. They do not shed, but still look at the breeder or seller. It’s a noisy animal, loving caress, but do not forget that everyone is different!

2) Land the turtle is an interesting reptile. Everywhere it is argued that turtles are slow, but actually that’s a lie. Many turtles are very smart. Land can be let to walk around the apartment (watch carefully for it), and go for a walk with her in warm weather.

3) a Chameleon is an exotic animal. You can pet him, to watch his development. In meal it is unpretentious.

4) the Cornish Rex is a cute and unusual cat. Distinguished by its interesting appearance. If you want a cat, the Cornish Rex is a great option!

In General, before you select the animal go to an allergist and see if you have an Allergy to a particular animal.

Before taking an animal, think — is it worth it. Also, going to buy the animal, provide it with the necessary environment obitaniya read about it useful article.

From Nanos moderator: please do not forget the thumbnail.

The chameleon and cat are not the cheapest options, I think. The proposal here is the most sensible, though not the most competent (where to watch the moderators?): “Actually, before choosing an animal, go to an allergist and see if you have an Allergy to a particular animal”. All else is superfluous.

Some with literacy problems are fixed

Cat and chameleon can be taken from the hands, which is much cheaper. Other animals cause fewer allergies and add them here.

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