Animals that can predict events

It is well known that animals generally have a heightened sense of smell and touch. In case of any natural disasters or accidents, some animals know in advance about them. In history there were many cases when animals sensed the impending danger much sooner than people. Such extraordinary capacity of the brothers our smaller most often used in scientific fields and in some cases help to prevent or prevent various ills, and they are also used in the sports industry.

In London in 2012, during the Olympic games, to predict the outcome used the ass Larry. He was given two buckets of food, which were photos of athletes and says “Yes” and “No”. The animal had to choose one of the buckets, and it was considered his answer. The results were not very impressive, as the donkey was right in nine cases out of seventeen.

In 2008, something unusual happened in the presidential election in the United States. Protein Gnocchi correctly predicted the outcome of these elections. Before every presidential candidate there was one nut and the rodent had to choose. Won really the candidate chosen protein. However, her ability questioned when she made a mistake with the forecast in the 2012 elections.

In Germany lived the most ordinary octopus Paul. After a while people noticed his ability to correctly make predictions on sports. It happened in the form of jokes when he is in the aquarium with mussels set two different flag football teams, after which the octopus had chosen the flag of the team that won the football match. He was able to correctly predict the outcome of the twenty matches and made a mistake only twice. Truthful predictions for football have made world-famous Sex.

An undeniable contribution to maintaining the health of the people brought service dogs. They are not only able to help people with intractable diseases, but can pre-warn the master about the approaching attack. The ability to develop artificially is almost impossible. The animal begins to feel it, only after spending some time with the person. Some four-legged friends can even feel the change in the heart rhythm of its owner, of its smell and behavior.

The amazing ability of animals contribute to the development of many spheres of people’s lives.

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