Care for pygmy rabbit and its contents.

If you decide to purchase a home undemanding animal that would not require special attention, the pygmy rabbit will suit you perfectly. These rodents do not require special care, that’s why they are bred in large numbers on farms for meat. But it’s not about that.

My rabbit lives in happiness and prosperity for 8 years, he does not feel any discomfort. For content, you first need to cell size 1000*500*500 mm. – enough so that your pet is not sitting in one place all my life. All the rest is acquired over time or on request. For bedding I recommend to use pressed sawdust, which perfectly absorb any moisture during the long period of time. Thus, a layer of 1-1,5 cm, litter is my pet 7 days. Rabbits, quite clean animals, but there are individuals (like mine) who like to crap everywhere and anywhere. The bed of wood pellets, will provide comfort and coziness to you and your pet. The cost of this litter is not great, and the service life exceeds expectations. With careful care, it is possible not to change the litter, if the time to remove the (swollen) parts of the granules.

I do not advise to use just opilki bedding, because pet activity generates large quantities of waste, which is not so nice to clean up every day. To ensure that your pet will be healthy, it is best to put the cage on the balcony. Even on a winter day rabbit will not freeze because of its warm coat that warms him for a long promezhdu cold season. You don’t need to worry about what he’ll get sick or freeze. These rodents are hardy to calmly relate to various climatic changes.

About nutrition dwarf rabbits want to talk about separately, because it is an individual feature of each animal. During your communication with the rabbit, you will realize that your pet likes and what not. In addition to individual whims pet in the diet should include raw vegetables and fruits. Do not feed the same continuously, periodically change the diet of your pet. Give him cabbage, carrots, beets, tomatoes, apples, bananas. In the summer bring a bundle of fresh herbs, and buy in winter hay. Occasionally give rabbit a bit of dill and parsley, because they contain large amounts of vitamins. Don’t forget to bring water, especially in summer. Dry food also needs to give because they contain a large amount of useful microelement that are necessary to the rabbit for hair growth and strengthening of bones and claws. Bring your pet with branches and leaves or twigs of trees. Rodents need to grind down their teeth as they grow in him throughout his life.

If your pet is furry, it should be brushed to remove tangles in the coat, otherwise it will look untidy. Don’t forget to clip the nails of your pet. In this lesson, it is best to close his eyes, then the Bunny will not get out of hand, scratching you. Bathing a rabbit is not necessary, because the animal could easily catch a cold. This kind of rodents does not like water, perhaps that is why they constantly clean and take care of themselves. Rabbits are very timid animals, so they always hide in case of danger. Well if the cell will be something like shelters or “booths”. But try to teach a rabbit to himself that he was calm in your presence or on your hands.

In summer, I recommend walking with your pet on the street. Just buy a harness at the pet store. Rabbits love to dig, so finding a good place, they proceed to build a hole. In this case, they’re heavily soiled, so you may have to wash them, against their will. If you are not able to walk your pet, let him dance while cleaning the cage. Give him time to warm up, to run, to lie…

Watch him and you will get lasting pleasure. In General rabbits are very sociable animals. They are calm and not aggressive.

The ears do not need to take the rabbit, because this animal brings more fear and causes stress. As a result, the rabbit can his be frightened. The fear of this animal is remembered for a long time, so be careful with it. The rabbit claws are sharp, and the muscles powerful. Especially careful with the rabbit must be young children.

Dwarf rabbits are rarely ill, which is why they are so popular.

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