Cat breeds

Cats anciently considered among the most beautiful, gracioznaya and zagadochnaya allowed. Cats as divine creatures worshipped in Ancient Egypt, and in almost every mythology, there is one or a few cults, one way or another connected with these animals. Natural elegance and distinct character of each cat is an important part of her personality. Two similar it is impossible to find, because even individuals within a breed can sometimes radically differ from conditions of education and accommodation.

The human love of these animals can be explained only by their magical appeal and innate, a peculiar charm which exists in each individual. A lot of pictures and Photos of adult cats and kittens have long been objects of attention of Internet users.

The variety of breeds now allows everyone to choose the pet at its discretion. At the moment there are about 400, they are bred in various parts of the world. First you should see a list of major and popular breeds in a special directory, supplemented by Photos. The site presents basic required material according to officially existing rocks, with which our visitors have the option to approach the selection of an animal with awareness.

Now one of the most popular breeds of cats are considered to be Russian blue, American Shorthair, Siamese and persistance. Representatives of these breeds can be found in many modern families. Some, however, prefer exotic breed and have Sphynx, famous for almost full lack of the coat, or the Maine Coon recognized as the largest domestic cats in the world. However, cats are not only wonderful Pets, but real useful in daily life hunters. Representatives of the Siberian breed of dog got its name because of the exceptional skills in hunting for rodents.

Cats, though, and are one of the most clean and self-sufficient animals that need proper care and all the care that can be provided by them.

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