Children and Pets

Do not be afraid to have a pet, pet educate children, to show sensitivity and kindness. They usually become good friends and enjoy spending time together.

Important to warn and tell the child how to properly care for animals, as animals may show aggression. It is important to make it clear to the child that animals are living beings that can something is not to love. Pets sometimes something hurts and they can defend themselves, such as scratching and biting.

Very important! before the pet appears at your home, take him to the vet and check whether the animal is healthy and if he is in your house. Parents should know if there is an Allergy in your child in wool or fodder of the animal.

The first days, when there was a pet in your house, it is necessary to do everything ourselves, and the child only needs to observe your actions. It is important to give to get used to the child and the animal to the new environment. After some time you can give to scoop food to the child and try to play with a new member of the family, will gradually develop the love and affection they are to each other.

As time passes and the child learns responsibility and caring for a new friend, and it’s good quality, which will be useful in life.

If you are afraid to have a great friend when you have a small child, then you can start with aquarium fish, for them will be interannealing both you and your child.

Very with caution it should make overseas animals, because they are not so easy to get used to our living conditions. They need specific care, so it is better to start with more simple and not fanciful four-legged friends.

The child asks to have a pet, do not just say no. Think all together, where he will live, who will care for it, prepare your child for this event.

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