dog inherited 100 thousand dollars

The first woman-broker at new York stock exchange Muriel Siebert was bequeathed to her Chihuahua named Monster Girl 100 thousand dollars.

“I request that my dog not be left alone for a long time”, – stated in the will. As reported Saturday by the American media, taking care of a dog after the death of Siebert fell on the shoulders of a close friend businesswoman. His nickname Chihuahua received for courage: according to Siebert, the monsters were never afraid of big dogs.

Siebert, receives a seat on the new York stock exchange in 1967, died in late August of this year at the age of 80 years. She never married and had no children.

According to media reports, the state businesswomen is estimated at us $ 48 million. Most of the money she bequeathed to the Fund in its own name, which is engaged in promoting financial literacy and advocating the humane treatment of animals. In addition, Siebert left $ 1.5 million to his only sister, 360 thousand dollars to a favorite Barber, 25 thousand dollars – maid and 10 thousand dollars – the new York veterinary center.

It is worth noting that Monster Girl is not a record among animals who have been left a huge inheritance. American billionaire Leona Helmsley, famous for its nasty temper and stinginess, before his death in 2007, bequeathed her favourite – the Maltese lap-dog named Trouble – 12-millions.

However, the relatives of Leona could sue the Trouble of $ 10 million, proving that the billionaire was mentally ill when he made the will. However, even the remaining $ 2 million lapdogs could comfortably exist: annual maintenance cost of 100 thousand dollars. Much of the money went to the security Problems the attackers promised to deal with the dog or kidnap it. Trouble died at age 12, do not spend until the end of her bequeathed wealth.

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