Dog returned home after nine years

Dog breed the Staffordshire bull Terrier named Niamh, who disappeared in 2004, went back to living in Worcester in the UK to the hostess after nine years of absence.

When Niamh ran away, she was three years old. Mistress Melissa Mae for some time was engaged in the search for the dog, but decided that the animal no longer exists. However, in early December she got a call from located in Salisbury animal shelter.

The shelter staff found Niamh approximately 80 miles (about 128 kilometers) from the place where may. The dog wandered the streets. It was able to identify thanks to implantirovannogo under the skin of the microchip.

According to Melissa Mae, the return of Niamh became her “Christmas miracle”. The owner says that the dog “a bit deaf and gray, but otherwise remains the same”. Besides, Mai notes that Neve lost weight, but is in good condition — apparently, the animal someone was looking out.

After nine years of separation Niamh managed to get her and now living back at home in may. Over the years, a woman had to have another dog named ferdie, he is now seven years old. Niamh and Ferdy treat each other in a friendly manner.

Sometimes lost Pets are returned to owners after several years of absence, when their search has been discontinued. In particular, in January 2011 it was reported that in California the dog breed Shih Tzu managed to find the owner after five years of absence, during this period the woman managed to commit four moving.

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