Exotic animals for home maintenance

Man by nature tends to stand out among their own kind. Given the diversity of flora and fauna, it’s no wonder why every year more and more popular in our homes become exotic animals.

Many of them are so funny, that break away from them is hard even for adults, to say nothing for the children. In our material – the most rare and the most popular inhabitants.

The rating of the exotic animal world

Many prefer the most unusual animals, unlike the usual cats and dogs.

For those lovers we have prepared a top list, which also included the following animals:

A little bit about the turtles

Among exotic Pets, pay attention to the land turtle. Still, it can be found far not in each apartment. For the existence in normal conditions close to natural, you will need to get a terrarium. It should be set up in such a way that there was soil and ultraviolet illumination. In addition, the animal likes to hide, so take care about asylum.

With the warming heat can make a small fence on the balcony. There the turtle will be given more space and comfort. They feed on various plants in nature and in captivity they readily eat greens, vegetables and fruits (for example, raw cabbage and potatoes).It is best to feed a turtle 3-4 times a week and take fresh water.

However, given the sloppiness of these animals be prepared for the fact that water can be bottled in the near future. If so, then give her juicy food, and bathe once a week. The most common of our top list of turtles is of the steppe variety.

If you like rodents

Chipmunks and squirrels are great entertainment from the natural world for children of any age. They are jumping continuously and is able to overcome distances greater than 10 km is vital For them that the dwelling was spacious enough. Most often this role is played by the cell, but can be equipped and aviary. For recreation, the animal needed a house, you can build something like a birdhouse. If there lay a litter, the animal will make it through every revival for ventilation, and at night dragging me back. Here they are – these funny rodents.

To release from captivity of such animals provided that they are fully accustomed to the owners. Otherwise, the process of capture can be catastrophic. These Pets are the most omnivorous, feed on seeds, nuts, fresh fruits – so that problems with a food you will not have.

Raccoons or hedgehogs

Raccoons and nosuhi – the funniest of the top of the list of exotic animals that are not rare. These can be ordered directly from the nursery. They are perfectly suited for the development of children, as unusually friendly and welcoming. The content of the exotic animals of this group in optimal conditions can provide them with 15-20 years of life. Many breeders simply went to walk these animals on a leash. Furthermore, they are quite omnivorous, which is another advantage.

Pygmy hedgehogs – even some funny ones from the African animal world. Colors they have the most different: from coffee to beige and white. They get along well with people and arouse admiration in children. At home can live 10 years or more. Possess high level of intelligence among ourselves, to feed in captivity can lean minced meat, insects, and even feed for the birds.

No need to drink their milk because it can cause indigestion. It would seem that it is not aquatic animals, however, the aquarium can become their home, just as reliable and a large box or cage. On the bottom you want to pour sawdust mixed with hay, put a drinking bowl and the saucer for feeding.

Primates and non-venomous snakes

At least funny and amusing representatives of the primates, does not look like monkeys. This is Laurie, the varieties of which differ in size. These are the funniest animals, which can still contain housing conditions. Just provide them enough space to move around, depending on the dimensions of an adult animal. Their home can be a large cage or terrarium. Because they love to climb all day long, much to amuse the attention of children more, get all sorts of branches and snags. However, the price of such a pet is also at the top of our top ranking and not affordable for every parent.

Non-venomous snakes of various raskrasok – again, this aquarium exotic animals. Of course, this is not the pet that will be fun for kids, but with some experience handling them might even fall in love with and proudly show to their guests. To equip aquarium will need 1-2 snags and ground, and a lamp, under which snakes love to bask. As food will approach small rodents, frogs, some vertebrate species.

Any, the most unusual or common Pets deserve the same degree of care that would ensure them the greatest comfort. Remember this when going to the pet store for an extravagant purchase.

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