Feeding the puppy Alabai from 6 to 18 months

Feeding puppy Central Asian shepherd (Alabay ) from 6 to 18 months.

Our Alabai already grown up, he’s already 6 months! Now the feeding will be somewhat easier, by reducing the number of feedings.

I can only repeat myself about the benefits of dry feed of Super premium class! Here is a very clear rule – the more expensive the better. When buying food don’t forget – Our baby “Giant breed” dogs – Central Asian shepherd. many feeds are just such a division.

Also don’t forget that in a couple of months our puppy will eat food for Juniors. Each company is different transition, someone with 8 months, with 9-I.

1st phase: Development of bones (from the 2nd to 8th month)

At this time the greater part of the skeleton. The puppy is still very far from being considered adults. In eight months, the puppy has already reached 70% of its final adult size.

Phase 2: Strengthening muscles (c 8-18th /24th month)

In the second phase of development of the puppy, due to the formation of muscle mass takes its final body shape.

The body weight of the puppy increases in the phase of formation of lean muscle mass in half.

A few important rules of feeding:

– To feed at the same remadna, a schedule to keep;

– Food should be warm ( room temperature);

– Food not eaten in 10 – 15 minutes should be removed;

– – After eating the puppy needs 1.5 – 2 hours to rest;

– Clean water should be available at all times, exceptions: immediately after ingestion and after exercise.

– – Do not cook all raw foods give.

So, what we’re going to prepare food:

– meat (beef, horsemeat, lamb);

– The tripe (beef, lamb)

– – fish blue Whiting (or other fish options sea, river by hazardous parasites);

– – kefir, yogurt, cheese – preferably goat;

– vegetables (raw carrots, cabbage of all kinds, including sauerkraut, raw and cooked, zucchini, squash, cucumbers, etc. Exclude the beets and potatoes)

– – fruits, berries and nuts;

– dry dog food, it is difficult to advise, their weight, the only rule is the food of the Premium class and above;

Do not use the so-called “meat animals”, which in most cases constitutes the meat of the fallen sick animals.

Schedule: Consider feeding a puppy of Central Asian shepherd dogs from 6 to 18 months. 9 am and 21 PM.

Bowl: To maintain a beautiful posture it is recommended that the dog be fed with the stand the height of which is determined by the height of the elbow of the dog or 5-10 cm above. Therefore, with the growth of the puppy you need to lift and stand.

Go ahead, feed preparation: feed the Brand that You select for your pet, has guidelines for quantitative feeding, which depends on the age and weight of the puppy.

Recently I had the pleasure to listen to lectures Very interesting one the handler is interesting to me wide range of knowledge from practice, since working with animals for decades. Now, we have come to power and here our speaker reveals the innermost secret: “getting to know You all like feed dogs for special services in Germany?”, “Of course not, let’s discuss!” “They give normal written on the stern under the weight, and the second feeding the same weight or a little more meat!”. My colleague Natalia looked at each other and smiled – we feed for 7 years.

The meaning is clear? Morning feeding dry food, not soaked, at a rate according to the weight indicated on food packaging. You can fill feed yogurt and cottage cheese, not razmachivaya, immediately before serving, add salt on the tip of a knife (approximately 1 Gy). Again, the norm is the norm, but it is averaged, but Your dog is different, so feel free to break this rule, if required by Your pet. Someone the dog walks only on the area enclosed by a fence, and someone else and on a leash for a couple of hours and swim in the water – these dogs do not feed one the norm, You know.

Necessarily clean water!

Let’s discuss the water at the street content. I advise to put in one certain place a bucket full of clean water and change twice a day with obligatory washing of the bucket. Why not bowl Your friend drank from it once and there, sorry, still drooling, turning water into jelly, but in the heat of summer it all starts to “live” under the influence of temperature, in the same bucket, the concentration is less. Our Alabai in You already “reaches out” to the bucket!

Vegetables and fruits. In the afternoon, between feedings, try to offer your puppy a piece of carrot, Apple or berries (assorted, any), not in bowls, as a game or a treat from your hand. In the summer You will notice that the puppy itself consume the berries on the bushes, has access to, and Ripe, not green!

Gradually we come to the evening feeding. We have a new product – the Scar.

The rumen is the first rumen of the cow. It is a large bag, which, eaten by a cow preparirovanie grass, hay or silage, gradually digested and only then the food will go in the enzymatic stomach – the abomasum. Of course, accommodating up to fifty pounds of feed, the rumen must be thick and able to movements, to control its content. So a tight muscle bands, with a thickness up to five centimeters, radiate out all over this bag.

The inner surface of the scar – nappy. The inner surface color varies from almost black to pale cream or even grey-greenish. Can be play the role and feed, which gave the cows their entire life.

We prefer Haggis, but if I lost the opportunity to buy it, then move on to beef. It Stinks and store it in a shared freezer is not possible, i.e. feeding them is available only to those who have a separate dog freezer. Now about the benefits of tripe: it contains high digestive enzymes, vitamins, and symbiotic microbes – those that we buy in pharmacies, paying a lot of money. Or, if not buy, then the dog itself takes measures for their production, often finding in the process of finding even less pleasant aromas, such as droppings of other animals or birds… thus replenishing your zoo of bacteria…

Symbiotic microflora – thing for the predator so necessary, that when eaten, just killed a hoofed animal, the first thing carnivores eat the stomach and its contents!

Once again – the Scar loses some of the enzymes when cooking, and almost all of microflora! You and I nothing cook!

To enter into the diet of your puppy’s scar gently, starting with small portions, as an addition to something about a chicken egg. The stool of the puppy may change. Don’t forget that we are always in touch and can discuss these details over the phone!

Yet we still have meat and fish that our Alabai eats with gusto and since childhood, so we give them without fear, at a rate slightly exceeding the rate of feed. Listen to the dog, missing her, or her lot?

So, the first morning feeding – flavored food or in pure form. Evening feeding raw meat, tripe, fish.

Calcium! We have already chosen the brand of calcium and give it properly, since 6 months we are reducing it and give a day to a year. Year course or three weeks in a month and a half.

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