Five species of animals that treat people

Rodents will cure complexes, and cats – improves digestion

Animals not only improve your mood and save you from loneliness, but also have healing skills. Zoologists have named five species of animals that they treat people.

1. Rodents rescued from the complexes

Insecure people, doctors advise to have hamsters, mice and rabbits. Rodents will help to overcome isolation and complexes, to reduce anxiety and aggression.

2. Fish normalize the nervous system

Quick-tempered, mentally unbalanced people are advised to have a home aquarium. Fish – the best neighbors people suffering from neurosis and depression.

3. Birds enhance the mood

In case of frequent nervousness, gastritis and stomach ulcers it is useful to just sit near the cage, listen to the melodious trills and bird watching. And the cooing budgies eases heartache.

4. Cats are useful for digestion

Shorthair cat treats diseases of the gastrointestinal and urogenital systems, as well as relieve the owners from negative energy. And cats is able to give you a real session of acupuncture, when their claws and annoying reflex zones. This treatment is used in folk medicine.

5. The horse calms

Therapy horses used for the rehabilitation of people with spinal cord injuries, helps with muscle atrophy, down syndrome and cerebral palsy. Horse riding is also useful when hyperresponsiveness and increased nervous excitability.

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