Frequently asked questions about grooming dogs, pet care, etc.

Why you need the dog to the salon, the master of the house to call cheaper?

In the cabin everything is set up to effect the transformation of Your pet to be more visible and better. Masters in pet grooming work on expensive professional tool, dogs will certainly are processed with the help of professional cosmetics, attenuate specially designed powerful grooming hair dryers. Tables rubber coated, bathtub – all for the convenience of the wizard and comfort of Your pet. House to create such conditions is almost impossible. Efficiently cannot wash and dry the dog’s hair, the haircut is almost always “at home” are done without bathing, in its turn, this kind of hair is difficult to straighten, etc. a Set of tools of the master are of great importance… a lot of nuances, which together give the result of a fairly average quality, perhaps less costly in price.

In the cabin the same processing procedure dogs much harder and mnogostupenchataya, and obtained excellent final result.

Where better to prepare a dog for exhibition in the salon or from the master in breed?

You know, the exhibition issue is very serious and sensitive. In order to obtain the desired result, you need to present a dog on the court in the most favorable light.It must be able to show all the advantages and, may be, to mask small flaws. This can be done by using the grooming. But this only afford the person well knowledgeable specifically Your breed, especially its exterior and wool of Your dog, as well as current fashion and the demands of expert.

Of course, it probably should be the master:.

The interior work wizard – rounders, because they have to deal with hundreds of different clients, purebred and not, and all to be simply impossible. Moreover, clients often want not “exhibition standard” for your pet and the haircut, which is easier to care for or more beautiful.

The master in the cabin can certainly prepare one or two of the breed for exhibitions, but certainly not all. Therefore, it is our purely subjective opinion, to shows still better to train with someone who is familiar with the breed of Your pet, who devote more than one year.

How much will it cost to cut, to wash, how to enroll, etc.?

All the questions You can ask by calling to our salon on the phone number listed on the site.

I have a dog of breed Yorkshire Terrier. Than it is better to wash as often?

Many who got himself a charming dog, immediately face these issues, because the Yorks are the owners of long silky fur that is like no other requires careful grooming care.

Having a dog is necessary sometimes to visit pet grooming to make professionally all procedures to care for the dog, beautiful, stylish to cut it and get advice from master zoopartner.

At home, in between visits to the salon, too, should be attentive to by what means You care for the hair of Your pet.

One of the most common misconceptions that wool is a Yorkshire Terrier is identical to human hair and it can be washed by human means to wash.

This is not so. Wool York, though similar to human hair in appearance and to the touch, but it’s still wool. Also the PH level of the skin of an animal other than humans, and therefore human shampoos, conditioners may not be suitable for Your dog. The response to this improper care may be dryness of the skin, dandruff, dermatitis.

Surely it would be better if You will choose for Your pet dog good cosmetics on Russian market is quite famous and popular foreign brands.

I do not advise to try to do cheap home-made cosmetics or home remedies like pine tar soap. This blatantly improper care leads to irreparable tangling and beautiful fur of Your dog, the problems with constant tangles, excision of hair etc.

The set also has the means to care for a Yorkshire Terrier must be in addition to shampoo and conditioner, put on a coat after washing to power.

Not 2 in 1 shampoo and conditioner in one bottle, not shampoo, because the detergents are dried and already prone to dryness hair and skin York, not only the conditioner, because it does not clear the dog’s coat when applied, and only nourishes. Should be a couple good shampoo and nourishing conditioner. The only way to achieve a clearly positive effect. On top of that conditioner nourishes and coats the hair making it more elastic, preventing tangling and facilitating home brushing, which is a big problem for all owners of dogs of this breed.

Wash once a week will be enough.

So if it is difficult to make a decision for yourself, consult with a specialist. It will help to find Your pet what he is most fit and not hurt.

In pet grooming “Tera” the advice of the wizard you can get for free, just come to our ZOOMARKET.

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