In Crimea banned the sale

In the food markets in one hundred km zone from Razdolnensky district of the Crimea, where a quarantine due to the outbreak of African swine fever, has banned the sale of pork products. Buy pork while it is possible only in shops and trading networks.

As the correspondent NDNews. in Goskomteleradio of Crimea say that store-bought meat tested and not dangerous to humans. “The stores will sell pork produced in conditions that we control. This is a temporary measure. When the disease will be localized and eliminated the outbreak in the Crimea, pork markets will be back,” said the Chairman of the State Committee of veterinary science of the Crimea Valery Ivanov.

In the Crimean capital, which also fell to one hundred km quarantine zone, ban the sale of pork products in the markets is not limited. According to information, head of the veterinary Department of the administration of Simferopol Boyko Hopes that after this measure was followed by the abolition of all agricultural fairs. “According to the instructions to prevent the spread of African swine fever control issued the requirement of the Directorate of markets banning trading pigs and pig products. The period of their quarantine in the city will be prohibited selskohozaystvennaya. For failure to comply with requirements for legal entities the penalty to 100 thousand rubles,” – said Boyko.

Also special requirements for the keeping of animals issued by the zoo Children’s Park in Simferopol and the Simferopol corrective colony in which there are pigs. According to the Director of the Children’s Park, Alexander Shabanov, the staff of the zoo have already translated all the pigs in a separate closed room. “Secured in a closed housing of pigs, prohibited the feeding of livestock visitors. The entrance to the premises where pigs are equipped with disinfection mats. Also veterinary services prescribed to treat the room against blood-sucking insects, to exclude the access of birds, dogs and cats”, – Shabanov has informed and has added that cases of African swine fever in pigs, zoo is not revealed.

With regard to the quarantine zone, and there, according to the head of Goskomteleradio of Crimea, work is underway to identify possible cases of infected pigs in neighboring communities. Ivanov urged residents of the Peninsula, especially the villagers, not to hide cases of deaths of animals. “Unfortunately, citizens conceal the death of the pigs. Found a few places of spontaneous burial of infected animals. This disease affects only pigs, but the feature of the disease is that it causes huge material damage in mind a great mortality of animals. Today I must say that the situation is entirely in line with the instructions. But it is unknown how many may be surprises from our citizens. We have, as a minimum, understanding that there are some unscrupulous people who are not timely informed about this situation,” Ivanov concluded.

Recall that in Sevastopol on 28 January banned the import of poultry and livestock products from areas of the Crimea, which revealed the infection of pigs with African swine fever. Meat products in Sevastopol will be delivered via the South coast.

In the current situation the Rosselkhoznadzor has accused the state Committee of veterinary medicine of Crimea:

“The veterinary Committee of the Crimea last year revealed irregularities in the movement of agricultural animals and animal products between the subjects of the Russian Federation, was not registered for the transportation of goods without accompanying veterinary documents, the protocols were issued, regulations were not issued, no fines were imposed, the return of animals and animal products was not carried out, – declared in Rosselkhoznadzor, noting that their Department has documented numerous instances of moving controlled goods without veterinary accompanying documents. – The above contributed to the spread of infectious diseases, and, in turn, led to the introduction of the causative agent of ASF in the territory of the Republic of Crimea”.

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