Owners of aggressive dogs will be put in prison

Russian senators propose to put in jail the owners of dogs who attack passers-by. Their idea has been already supported by the Supreme court. Thus, the new amendments provide three years of prison for instigation of the beast on people. It is proposed to send on a dock and for violation of the rules of walking or keeping animals. The state Duma these amendments will be reviewed in October.

Two thousand roubles – such penalty has been paid by the owner of the African Boerboel, who last year near St. Petersburg until the death of the pensioner killed. Only two months after the tragedy the relatives of the deceased had achieved the initiation of criminal proceedings. Indeed, in the Russian law is not yet spelled out specific responsibilities for owners of aggressive animals. As a rule, their owners are finished only with an administrative fine. According to the new amendments to the criminal code, the instigation of an animal to another person you can go to prison for three years. But the owners, whose Pets are a little damaged man and his property can be imprisoned for 2 years, says one of the authors of the bill, Senator Konstantin Dobrynin:

“Not too harshly. If you consciously use your pet as a weapon of offence, and it entails the infliction of grievous bodily harm or the death of a person, then you have to answer for it. You know, if we talk about the provocation or whatever else is on will be installed in the framework of the investigation: was the provocation, what were your actions, that is how you have behaved adequately”.

Experts note that with the new amendments should appear and the officials responsible for enforcing them. Before there was the so-called ecological police, who watched the four-legged and their owners. Such employees will appear again, said the Deputy Chairman of the Russian society of protection of animals “Fauna” Ilia Bluvshtein:

“In the by-laws should be formulated demands to the police, the special squad of experts on the fauna, which have on their territory, to regulate all issues related to animals (from wild in captivity, with home, with neglected). They must exercise such control over the actions of owners. And in this case, the requirements of the law will become real.”

The government proposes to work on such a concept as “torturing animals”. Here not well understood criteria. After all, too strict upbringing, in some cases, can be regarded as a mockery. If a human being is still possible to discern which, of the Criminal code required a clearer face. It is noted that even stricter need to punish for the torture of animals in the presence of children. According to the authors of the project, annually about 250 crimes that fall under article “cruelty to animals”. And as punishment for instigation, according to experts, on the background of foreign experience, the Russian legislators provide quite a soft penalty. So, in the USA the owner of a dog which injures or kills a person can go to prison for 20 years.

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