5 reasons to have a pet

In this difficult matter, animals, all people are divided into three types: an incorrigible dog people and cat people who can’t go a day without their tailed Pets, fierce zverininkystes, categorically not those who receive any four-legged forms of life in to your space, and those who are still undecided whether they want to accommodate a little furry miracle. If you belong to the third, this article is for you! In it we will try to convince you that having animals in the house can bring not only aesthetic but also practical value. And here’s why.

1. You’ll never be lonely.

For people who live alone, a pet is a real godsend. He can communicate just like with any of your friends, and only friends know how animals sometimes even better than people! No one so sincerely will rejoice your coming from work, as all loyal heart dog, and anyone you calmly fall asleep arm in arm, with gentle plush cat.

Animals are always sensitive to changes in your mood. If you feel bad, they will come to comfort you, leaping into your hands, or laying his head on his knees. Continue reading

Homemade snake species.

Everyone wants to have a house pet. But, strange as it may sound, not everyone can afford dog or cat. Mostly the cause is an Allergy to fur and saliva, but there are other reasons.

Less and less people try to have parrots, hamsters or fish. Lifetime aren’t too high, and before it is finally attached to the pet, you have forever to say goodbye.

Exotics at home

Recently in fashion trend to keep in the home or even exotic wild animals: snakes, ferrets, tarantulas, or tarantulas. Many people do this unconsciously, yielding to the impulse, the desire to stand out or simply to demonstrate their extravagance. Actually, to have such animals in the apartment – a serious and very responsible step. These “animals” are not created for the home environment, and future owners will not just create an atmosphere that is comfortable for the life of your pet, but also to encounter a number of surprises that will arise during the maintenance of the animal. After all, to have at home exotic predators, insects or reptiles has become fashionable recently, which means not all of the habits in captivity were izuchenii warned. Continue reading

Children and Pets

Do not be afraid to have a pet, pet educate children, to show sensitivity and kindness. They usually become good friends and enjoy spending time together.

Important to warn and tell the child how to properly care for animals, as animals may show aggression. It is important to make it clear to the child that animals are living beings that can something is not to love. Pets sometimes something hurts and they can defend themselves, such as scratching and biting.

Very important! before the pet appears at your home, take him to the vet and check whether the animal is healthy and if he is in your house. Parents should know if there is an Allergy in your child in wool or fodder of the animal.

The first days, when there was a pet in your house, it is necessary to do everything ourselves, and the child only needs to observe your actions. It is important to give to get used to the child and the animal to the new environment. After some time you can give to scoop food to the child and try to play with a new member of the family, will gradually develop the love and affection they are to each other. Continue reading

Five species of animals that treat people

Rodents will cure complexes, and cats – improves digestion

Animals not only improve your mood and save you from loneliness, but also have healing skills. Zoologists have named five species of animals that they treat people.

1. Rodents rescued from the complexes

Insecure people, doctors advise to have hamsters, mice and rabbits. Rodents will help to overcome isolation and complexes, to reduce anxiety and aggression.

2. Fish normalize the nervous system

Quick-tempered, mentally unbalanced people are advised to have a home aquarium. Fish – the best neighbors people suffering from neurosis and depression.

3. Birds enhance the mood

In case of frequent nervousness, gastritis and stomach ulcers it is useful to just sit near the cage, listen to the melodious trills and bird watching. And the cooing budgies eases heartache. Continue reading

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