Pets exotic animals

Any kind of pet, be it a cute kitty or a faithful four-legged friend – the dog gives a lot of positive emotions. Always meets on the threshold of the house, is always happy and cares for you.

But this article is not about the usual domestic animals which we are accustomed to seeing in apartments, this is an article about exotic animals which today was, you can keep at home.

Home to such exotic animals can be attributed a land turtle . She’s going to care when you come home and what mood she’s only interested in food. Dandelions, which You tore off for her from the spring lawn, or sliced banana that you bought in the store. Once the turtle was considered truly exotic animals, now they are more valued for simplicity.

Today, the most accessible to house exotic animals can be considered madagaskaras cockroach . Such a miracle, the cockroach reaches about 10 inches in length. When the rough physical contacts with him complaining making loud hissing sounds. This migrant from distant Madagascar today is popular among young people as a great pet that is suitable to live at home. Such a miracle can be kept in a tightly sealed aquarium or to throw your “well-wishers”, in General a Madagascar cockroach – exotic animal lover.

If you hotfemale animal, which can be moved clock – an online magazine advises that You purchase a chinchilla . This fluffy creation, whose brilliant round glazik and a very fluffy tail. This pet will be very nice and curious. Only need to take care of his house, a chinchilla is a rodent, she always have something to chew on and sharpen the teeth.

The most popular exotic animals are chameleons and iguanas .

On the one hand, such domestic residents – a spectacular reptile, the other is not shy to communicate with its owner. Iguanas, for example, love to bask in the shoulder, in the warmer months you can display them on the leash to take a walk on the green lawn. The nature of iguana and chameleon resembles the nature of dogs – the adults are attached to their owner recognise him among others. Young individuals less sensible – strive constantly to escape. They live about 20 years. Chameleons mostly eat insects, so I have to regularly go to the pet store for crickets, cockroaches and flour worms African. But Iguanas prefer vegetarian food.

If you have a place under a large aquarium you can buy a small crocodile, dwarf Caiman for example . In our opinion the joy of this exotic little home. Will yourself to lie in an aquarium without blinking and looking at the lamp. When choosing a pet, remember he needs is not a small aquarium for habitat and recreated a little tropical microclimate.

Among the exotic fish that are kept in home, popular axolotl . It’s more of halffish-palpalentry than just fish. Their bodies are long with little legs. At first glance you will notice the similarity with the Chinese dragon, because pink gills sticking up provocatively. On the face are blue eyes, which do not Express neither malice nor cunning, more give a kind good-natured face.

The most dangerous home-hobby – to keep in the apartment of poisonous snakes and spiders. But this is not to exotic, and more to the extreme. From harmless spiders popularity spider-ptizi . But, even despite the fact that it is not poisonous, the spider can deliver a lot of trouble. This spider is quite calm, but if it is, pull the foot – definitely painful bite. Just do not forget that the body of the tarantula is covered with fine short hairs, which often cause allergies in their owners.

During a visit to the pet store and looking at exotic animals home, we are always subjected to a great temptation to buy anything outlandish. Pets exotic animals require special living conditions, and their purchasing will have to sweat creating a new home and new habitat conditions.

Just do not forget that store-bought exotic animals can be too noisy for you or with night lifestyle that will bring you more anxiety than joy. When deciding to buy, carefully all weigh, all find out about the selected instance, otherwise the household will get hell instead of a tropical Paradise. ___ If You have Pets at home there is no fun, read the article — what to do when bored at home. There is described in many ways, to dispel the boredom.

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Pets exotic animals
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