Pets in the office

Article rental office at metro read here, and now let’s talk about Pets in the office. Tension and stress go hand in hand with office life, negatively impacting employees ‘ productivity and the atmosphere in the team. One of the most fun and unusual ways to defuse the situation and make the office a more pleasant place for domestic animals. Office Pets help to switch and get away from work tasks, improve the mood of employees, help to create a relaxed atmosphere.

However, not all animals are suitable for keeping in the office. Dogs and other large mobile animals will feel comfortable only attached to the building office areas, and often cat hair causes allergies. Who’s to draw the attention of the Manager and the employees who want to have a pet in the workplace?

Small and fluffy

Rodents — perhaps, one of the most suitable animals for office. They are very unpretentious in food and almost don’t sound like a malfunction, and the wool of Guinea pigs, hamsters and chinchillas rarely becomes the cause of allergies. It is important that all these animals live in cages and not take up too much space.

Among domestic companies, the love of rodents shows the edition “Russian Newsweek”. The Bunny the NUS women’s team gave on 8 March — since then, she obitaet of the editorial office and was universally liked. In the cage it’s held only during the day, releasing at night to walk around the office.

Despite the fact that rodents require a minimal maintenance, you will still have 1-2 times a week to change the bedding in the cage every day and throw in fresh foods (hay, vegetables, dry food). Rodents are also extremely sensitive to temperature — do not keep them in cold areas or drafts.

Feathered colleagues

All love birds — their bright plumage pleasing to the eye and clear voices elevate mood. As rodents, birds live in cages and will not take a large number of expensive office space, although they are useful from time to time to release from the cage. Unfortunately, the main advantage of many birds, beautiful voice, often becomes their main disadvantage is the continuous singing of Canaries and other songbirds can drive crazy even the most patient employees. Get used to the voices of parrots is much easier, but these birds can give a nasty surprise at the wrong moment, saying the words that will teach employees or office visitors. In addition, feathers and bird droppings can cause allergies.

Difficulties the content of feathered beings were not afraid in the office of a creative Agency Instinct – here in the Department of strategic management resides wavy parrot. Rat max for parrot Grisha changed in the magazine YES.


The main disadvantage of birds are completely devoid of their closest relatives, the reptiles. Lizards, iguanas and turtles are perfect for keeping in the office — they have no wool, no loud voices, no annoying desire to jump on the table or to sit on his lap during important negotiations. Moreover, exotic species of these animals are able to raise the prestige and image of the company in the eyes of the visitors office. Unfortunately, not all people are able to experience these animals the same sympathy like fluffy cats or hamsters, and to observe their behavior is not always interesting: most reptiles are very slow clock and is able to maintain complete immobility. Furthermore, for many representatives of this fauna of the region without proper conditions. difcult in BC, rent terrarium can resolve this difficulty.


According to recruitment portal Superjob exactly these animals prefer the 86% of people who decide to have an animal at work. To understand the reason for such great popularity is easy: complete absence of sound and allergens, visual appeal and a great variety of species makes the fish almost ideal candidates for the role of office Pets. All the benefits of the fish already appreciated in the publishing house Axel Springer, where the borders between the offices of Forbes and Newsweek is set up the aquarium. In the office of the company “antanta the Capital” not to waste their time with tiny ornamental fish, but brought a dozen mirror carp in large 400-liter tank. The staff at first was surprised at so extravagant a management decision, but quickly “sucked” and began to bring decorations for the aquarium and food for Pets.

However, there is the fish and the shortcomings — relatively high cost of aquariums and other equipment for their maintenance. In addition, although the caring for fish, and required not too often, it can become very expensive: replace the water in the tank and cleaning from Tina is much more tedious than cleaning the litter in the cage of the rodent.

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Pets in the office
Article rental office at metro read here, and now let's talk about Pets in the office. Tension and stress go hand in hand with office life, negatively impacting employees '…

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