Pets to be or not to be?

Probably all children love animals. But, for some reason parents do not always rush to please their children, setting the stage for cats, hamsters or dogs. The maximum that can wait for asking 5-6 year old kid is a fish, or turtle. But, why is that? After all.

To have a pet?

Who among us has not dreamed in childhood, parents were allowed to have a dog or a cat. But not all parents agreed with it. Maybe they were right to do? Let’s see in order. You’re a parent and your child asks, and.

The dog there is

In recent years, increasingly in the news one can hear about dogs attacking people. Danger as stray dogs and uygulamasi with the owner. How to prevent the attack? And if that happened, how to behave?

The reason for the dog attack can be anything – a sharp smell of your perfume, sharp hand gestures, encroachment on its territory, which can be not labeled, sometimes the dog may attack you just to bark at or just to raise your status in the pack.

What if your kid is abusing animals? Psychologists say that animals can have a beneficial effect on the person both in psychological and in physical terms. The child they moguedet invaluable lessons.

The man and his animals

The relationship between man and animal has very ancient roots. Their relationship is described in the literature, reflected in art and folklore. It is human nature to attribute to an animal is purely a human quality. But it often happens that a pet really becomes a truly loyal assistant and even a friend for someone close to him.

A why not bite? After all, in the eyes of the dog do all the family members — father, mother, grandparents, and guests. Remember, who often raise their voice and yell (bark, from the point of view of the dog), who often threaten tone (growl) who spanked and sometimes tear (bite)? Child. And in full view of the dog, which understands everything very well and concludes that to relate to the younger member of the pack is a good tradition, the rule of conduct and permissible to all.

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