The ideal Pets

In various books and films the heroine always afraid of rodents, it doesn’t matter whether it’s a huge rat or small decorative fluffy hamster. Frightened by the appearance of a rat or mouse woman is a classic stereotype, but whether it is justified and logical or with some long tailed rodent copes with the role of pet?

For the first time in the role of a pet probably felt like a rat . saved from experiments in the laboratory. Who would have thought that the animals, known at first only as pests and carriers of disease, and then how the most popular experimental animals, will be one of the most beloved and comfortable in the house allowed.

5 reasons to make decorative rat

Decorative rats are fun Pets with their manners, habits and characters behind them are very interesting to watch. They will give you a lot of pleasant and joyful minutes.

– Decorative rats quickly become accustomed to a desired mode. If very young individuals, which you just put you can be active day and night to sleep, then after a while they will start to stay awake when you are awake. Most rats are pretty quiet animals.

Decorative rats can be really tame animals. They are smart, more cleanly than other decorative rodents, they have a good memory, they uznaetsya. Love affection. Older domesticated animal with pleasure, his eyes half shut get in your lap or near your hands, will allow you to Pat the back and between the ears. Decorative rats are able to relieve stress is not worse than cats. In addition, many of the rats respond to the human voice and are able to distinguish your name. In the presence of hard and systematic training, some rats are able to perform some simple commands.

– On the one hand, the rat is not a dog and therefore does not require regular daily walks outside in any weather. On the other hand, in the warmer months, if your animal is timid and not accustomed to your shoulder, then you can take it with you on a short walk or to visit. Rats are very calm and intelligent compared to, for example, with hamsters, they will not rush from the hands or from the shoulder down, in an unfamiliar environment prefers to hide in a pocket or the collar of the owner. You can release the animal almost freely walk around the room, but don’t forget to look out for him. In most pet supply stores sell special walking harnesses for adults fancy rats.

Decorative rats are very easy to maintain, doesn’t require special skills and high costs: only need to see a number of features to properly feed and maintain.

Fancy rats: the content, nutrition, health, communication

Cage for rats with a fine lattice, or mesh, tall, with several floors. For animal, it is desirable to make the house, where no one will disturb, wooden and plastic they prefer fabric hammocks in the cold time, insulated with rags or toilet paper is soft, non scented paper towels. This hammock can be made yourself or purchased at a pet store. You need to place it at the top of the cage in limbo.

The bedding in the cage can be made from sawdust, and hay. You can use just toilet paper, but it does not absorb odor. A good option would be a wood cat litter. Unlike hamsters rats rarely dig or scatter filings. Some fancy rats are so intelligent that don’t even bite anything except food and a specially designed wooden sticks.

The main food for rats should be specialized feed mixture (pellets or a mixture of oats, wheat, millet, sunflower seeds and pumpkin, peas, corn, dried vegetables and fruits). In addition, the animals required, and “wet” food . fresh fruits and berries, carrots, boiled egg, boiled potato, lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes. Some rats love citrus. A real treat for rats will be raw quail egg. Putting it on the bottom of the cage, you will see the game in mini-football before your animal will bite through the shell. Spoon cooked porridge (oat, buckwheat, rice) without salt, sugar, and butter, makes a wonderful variety in the diet. Rats can not give: salty, spicy, sweet, fatty. As treats you can use cooked shrimp, slices of chicken or meat, but definitely not spicy.

In the cage rats should always be clean water . So it does not dirty and not result use a special drinking bowl with a scoop, change water every day.

Decorative rats are afraid of drafts and high heat. On the cage with the animal shall not be exposed to direct sunlight.

Adult and healthy male rats often reach a weight of 600 g. females are lighter, smaller and more mobile. The life span of rats is 2-3 years .

Rats are social animals, they love company and communication, get along well with humans and with their fellow men. The animal needs affection, he likes to be scratched and stroked. He needs constant training, so he is not bored – ladders and ropes in the cage, the food is wrapped in paper, food, hanging from the ceiling of the cage, walks across the room. If you have little time to spend with the pet and the vast majority of the time he spends locked in a cage, it is recommended to get two rats of the same sex. A few rats too prolific, having a male and a female, you will soon find yourself the owner of a huge tailed family, but to place kids in good hands is not easy. In addition, rats do not feel the natural need to reproduce, males don’t feel lonely without females and Vice versa. Therefore, it is best to have two animal of the same sex and the same age, it is best to have two sisters or two brothers who are already familiar with each other, then you hardly will have problems because of their addiction to each other. Note, however, that rats . living together with his brothers, tamed more difficult.

Pets are like children, not only because they require attention and care that they are dependent on us, but because they need proper upbringing. Your caring, attentive and respectful attitude determines a lot . Rat also need to be educated – as paradoxical as it may sound. Well-fed animals, which spend enough time, affectionate and active. Rats . which include negligently or carelessly, can be shy, aggressive and biting. It is best to buy rats in special clubs or decorative rodents breeders, private breeders. On the market and in pet store animals are more wild, not accustomed to hands.

Decorative rats. “Breed” fancy rats

Rats differ not only in color. There are tailless rats. Absolutely charming establishment – fancy rats Dumbo – their ears are not at the top of the head, and laterally, the muzzle more rounded. The Rex over the coarse hair, which curls, uneven and sometimes too much curly mustache. Looks quite unusual naked Sphynx rat . devoid of the coat. These animals are particularly attached to people, are more affectionate and need more attention: they are afraid of cold and drafts, and their tender skin is sensitive to mechanical damage. A huge plus of this animal that can contain it is for people suffering from Allergy to wool.

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