The most dedicated and selfless people – they are our Pets

Sorry, when animals on a pedestal..and doing it those who unfortunately in life, unlucky with the environment.. I must clarify for the avoidance of accusations in relation to animals..myself all my life with cats and the cats live (two cat one cat) and two lost and crying, because I love her. but I UNDERSTAND that they have everything at the level of instincts. reply

Happy for Your environment,nick.Sorry,that is not considered Your animals human qualities.It’s nothing personal. reply

My environment, I’m sure, same as many others have. and bad people too..met and betrayed, and much more. You know, I do not see sense to compare humans and animals, it cannot be compared in principle.. Just from the animals you get unquestioning loyalty (NOT LOVE) and you (and people in General) like it..from people you haven’t receive..think not need to explain why. reply

You can get to judge me,nick. How do You know who I am and what care,love and affection I receive from people. reply

I don’t mean to judge..and I’m sorry that you think I humiliated You..I wrote about the man in principle, but not about You personally. reply

As you have read,and understand (“from people you haven’t receive..think not need to explain why”, “how delacato those who are unfortunately in life, unlucky with the environment..” ) I don’t like to make excuses,nick.But for his words to be answered.

I am responsible for my words, and not for what You understand above..I already explained everything..I will not repeat.. Comparing people and animals do it in the context of a bad man – animal is good..all together forgetting cases, e.g., attack a fighting dog for a child..well, it’s a dog luit his master so much that he decided (of course my mind probably) to protect his master from a child, biting off the girl face.. reply

I don’t understand why argue at all about position is that there are bad and good people, bad and good animals..and to compare people with animals is not right at the root..saying person – you like an animal, who you humiliate/insult more..(don’t answer it’s rhetorical)..something like this answer

You don’t know dogs,dear.If you raise the whip,the whip and get.I have a dog of combative breed,but I am sure in 1000 % that even the cat won’t hurt.But the hosts,who kicked his grown puppies feet,and waits for an answer for their cruelty.”As you sow,so shall you reap”. reply

Not worth it to move to the ironic tone..You will not be able to hurt me..And didn’t I wrote that animals live by instincts and not intellect, and especially chuvstvami..And at the expense, as you sow..the horror that was responsible for your upbringing of the dog not the owner, but someone else’s kid.. Not worth it to continue the conversation, I think..we speak different languages..especially with regard to personal and public statements in humiliation..All the best! reply

Answer the owner.He “sowed” Evil.It is the owner, will answer before the court and before God.I have not come to fight.Want to chat – be respectful.No,I’ll survive. reply

Here we go again..Listen, Valery, where in my words You saw NO RESPECT or Honor You mean agree with You? Sorry, we have different point of view.. “-Sorry,that is not considered Your animals human qualities.Nothing personal -” and these are Your words from the start, but for some reason I was not blaming You that You humiliated me. reply

To make peace, it was necessary first to make war. And so..verbal sparring) reply

With women I don’t like to fight.You insidious enemy.Women need peaceful and loving. reply

I wrote the quote and decided to put it on the website.I’m ready for criticism,but not to condemnation.Catch Nick. reply

Not condemned per gram, and have expressed their point of view. Have the right??) reply

All the best,nick. Live with the world. reply

I feel sorry for You,nick.Not knowing me completely,You humiliated me twice.God judge You. May You be lucky with Your surroundings. Good luck. reply

Well where, where I humiliated You. Have I offended You? If You think so, if all I have said, You took personally I apologize. Thanks for the good luck, but don’t need pity! reply

But perhaps many people are not at the level of instincts? By the way, the intelligence of an average dog’s intelligence is equal to the five year old child, but there are “geniuses” among dogs, mind and intelligence which some people still grow and grow. Unfortunately, often people love animal as a thing is beautiful, prestigious, expensive. But this is NOT love! reply

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