To have or not allowed? Tips for parents.

Many children, once a little older, you begin to ask the parents to have a pet. Adults, in turn, are in no hurry to do so, pleading a lack of time to care and allergies. Consider, what are the pros and cons of the different animals actually. 1. Kitten: cons: – sheds, wool resounds throughout the apartment and can cause allergies; – the movement of the animal it is difficult to limit, it is therefore something to chew on and ruin; despite the acquisition scratching posts, many cats continue to scratch the furniture and Wallpaper; – monitor the cleanliness and condition of the tray; – cats, people walking on the street you need time to instill. pros: – the kitten did not have to walk; is it easier to take with you to carry, for example, in a country trip; – cute animal calms the nerves and creates a feeling of comfort; – there are breeds of hairless (naked) cats, that solves the problem of coat and allergies. 2. Puppy: cons: – the dog will not walk home in the tray (except for small species that can be used to the absorbent diaper) and need to walk; – do not leave your puppy at home alone for a long time; – abacadabra maybe something to bite and ruin, although its area of influence much smaller cat; the need to vaccinate an animal; – with a fluffy and long-haired dogs is also a problem of distribution of wool and allergies; – it is necessary to train the dog, or to teach her even basic commands; – the neighbors may complain about barking dogs. pros: – you can bring outside the city; the dog is smart, a loyal friend, and some species can even look after the baby; the puppy can play the role of guard – many, even fairly small dogs can bark menacingly at the door to uninvited guests – socialized dog will not bite the owner and certainly will not scratch unlike cats. 3. Fish: cons: – need to clean the aquarium; – dry food can cause allergies; – it is impossible to take – so if you leave, you will need to find someone who would take care of the fish. pros: – nice to watch – calm the nervous system; is quite simple in use; – do not spoil the property, don’t make extraneous sounds; – dry food you can substitute frozen (bloodworm for example) – then allergies will not, and evaporation of water to moisturize the air, which will benefit even the asthmatics. 4. Hamsters, rabbits: cons: – can cause allergies; – out of the cellcan spill trash from litter; – it is necessary to clean the cage; – they only live a very short time. pros: – the radius of their movements easily limited by the cell; – it is possible to bring outside the city; – cute, furry creatures delight baby. 5. Birds (parrots, Canaries): cons: – dry food – may cause allergies; – as with the hamsters, you must clean the cage and maybe the debris spread around it; – you can move the parrot around the apartment, accidents with him and, as a consequence, the tears and upsets the child; – the birds also emit other sounds. pros: – the cage with the bird you can take to the city; – the size of their impact is limited by the cell; – do not spoil the property; – unpretentious in food.

Thus, almost any kid can pick up some pet, he / she will watch and look. It develops in the child a sense of responsibility, charity, kindness, and expands its horizons. But we must also remember all sorts of infections, to buy animals in reliable, field proven, regularly show the vet and properly care for them.

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