Top 12 most intelligent animals of our planet

Animals are the most amazing creatures on our planet. The diversity of their species is so great that, at times, it is difficult to assess their intelligence. In the end, all animals are driven by instincts that they have developed over the centuries of existence and struggle for survival. It is for this reason adequately assess their intelligence – not an easy task. Still more complicated by the human desire to anthropomorphisizing animals, and try to find in them the signs of human intellect. However, there are such animals that fall under the latter category, responding to many criteria of intellectual development, are so diligently looking for them in people. Today we offer you to familiarize yourself with the smartest twelve animals of our planet, selected not only based on human concepts of the intellect, but also of their abilities, inherent nature, and inherited from their ancestors.

12. Rats rats are Usually considered disgusting disease vectors that live in the sewers, scurrying through sewer pipes and trash cans in search of food. And in fact, all this is not so far from the truth, in the end, that rats were the carriers of plague, which claimed countless lives. But besides all this negativity, rats, in addition, incredibly smart create, this is manifested in particular when it comes to adaptation.Rats will live and thrive in almost any conditions. In addition to this, they are endowed with an excellent memory.

11. Proteins although proteins are not particularly stand out from the rest mass of the inhabitants of the world of animals, their amazing ability to collect and prepare for the winter supplies of food caught our attention. Protein is so good in this lesson that have got particular techniques of disguise and deception, allowing them to steal food from other animals. Studies have shown that proteins are perfectly anticipate the behavior of other animals, which facilitates the process of a robbery. In addition, the rodent differs almost perfect memory, creating their own maps of the area where all the geocaches are marked.

10. Crows Crows are one of the most intelligent birds in the world. They are trained in older birds ability to adapt and solve complex problems. Moreover, the ravens do an excellent job with all sorts of tools, whether conventional leaf, stick or stone. In addition, the ravens are well versed in social conflicts and like to use them for his own good.

9. Raccoons most Often, these bandits in masks consider how these pests who are scattered across the lawn debris remaining after night visit of raccoons! All this is understandable, but in addition to its harmful nature, these animals have intelligence and wit. They are able to efficiently solve complex problems and use tools. In the end, how the raccoon managed to open the trash can, if not applying the intelligence? In addition, raccoons are known for high level of sociability, which allows them to inform brood about the state of your garbage cans and about when to make a sortie next time.

8. Cats favorite cat is widely known as a clever and cunning animals. And while they can teach almost all the same commands, and dogs, cats are better able to adapt to the environment in comparison with dogs. If there is delicious food and a great place to stay – the cat will choose it. By nature, cats are loners. This feature in combination with a highly developed instinct of self-preservation has allowed cats to adapt perfectly to virtually any ambient conditions.

7. Elephants Elephants, with their inherent identity, are allocated in separate group of animals. They are able to show compassion not only to people of the same kind, but also to other animal species. The most amazing talent of elephants is their ability to recognize themselves in a mirror. This proves that the giants of the animal world are well aware of their existence in the world.

6. Octopus One of the smartest sea creatures, octopus is a fine hunter who develop sophisticated strategies for effective ambushes. Octopus, like elephants, have shown signs of self-consciousness, and showed excellent ability in the use of available tools and the processing of visual information. Curiosity and the desire to avoid boredom in common with the octopus man. And although for the most part the intelligence of the octopus has not been studied to the end, there is no doubt that this is one of the smartest sea creatures, and probably the most intelligent invertebrates in the world.

5. Dogs are interesting because their level of intelligence varies depending on the breed. Despite this difference, all dogs, without exception, very easily trained and obedient. Based on the abilities of dogs to respond to commands and execute them, scientists assume that they have more emotional intelligence than other animals. This allows the dogs to empathize with the owners. Some studies have shown that dogs can recognize pictures of other dogs and themselves.

4. Bottlenose dolphins Bottlenose dolphins possess one of the largest brain sizes in the animal world. This allows the dolphins to use the most complex forms of social communication with relatives through the language, moreover, they even use separate names for each member of the pack. Moreover, they are able to teach the youngsters everything they themselves were taught, and to use a system of praise and rewards. Perhaps the most remarkable aspect of Dolphin intelligence is their ability to recognize themselves in a mirror, which also proves the existence of their sense of identity.

3. The pig Studies show that the average age of pig has the same level of intellectual development that a child of three. Ironically, pigs are actually clean, even more clean than most Pets. During studies conducted in 1990-ies, has studied the intelligence of pigs and assessed their ability to form complex memories. The animals showed on the screen a set of shapes and then they have been asked to restore the order of the shapes seen in the other picture with the help of Piglet. By the way, this same study was conducted with chimpanzees that showed the same results, QC and pigs.

2. The chimpanzee Set of genes chimpanzees are 98 percent identical to human, so it would be fair to assume that they are the most intelligent animals in the world. They are perfectly familiar with the application of skills tools and can adjust its territory. During laboratory experiments, chimpanzees also showed signs of self-consciousness, empathy and even charity towards other animals. The greatest furore was caused by laboratory studies of chimpanzee memory, where their performance exceeded even human.

1. People we’re All animals, right? So we decided to add a person to our list. It helps to glance over the surrounding world, to understand that at the moment humans are the most intelligent animal in the world. In addition to social skills, our emotional range, the ability to create and improve, all this shows the superiority of man over other species.

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