Homemade snake species.

Everyone wants to have a house pet. But, strange as it may sound, not everyone can afford dog or cat. Mostly the cause is an Allergy to fur and saliva, but there are other reasons.

Less and less people try to have parrots, hamsters or fish. Lifetime aren’t too high, and before it is finally attached to the pet, you have forever to say goodbye.

Exotics at home

Recently in fashion trend to keep in the home or even exotic wild animals: snakes, ferrets, tarantulas, or tarantulas. Many people do this unconsciously, yielding to the impulse, the desire to stand out or simply to demonstrate their extravagance. Actually, to have such animals in the apartment – a serious and very responsible step. These “animals” are not created for the home environment, and future owners will not just create an atmosphere that is comfortable for the life of your pet, but also to encounter a number of surprises that will arise during the maintenance of the animal. After all, to have at home exotic predators, insects or reptiles has become fashionable recently, which means not all of the habits in captivity were izuchenii warned. Continue reading

What pet to get for your child

Funny naughty puppy, playful little kitten, and may be shaggy Guinea pig or white rat with beady eyes – who to start? One day the question will still appear in almost every family.

Indeed, how nice to caress behind the ear purring cat or feed the hamster pieces of fruit, or maybe in your house have already been accepted, when the baby was born, and now you anxiously think they will get along together?

Do we need animals in the house?

Any good psychologist will tell you, that normal pet extremely positive effect on personality development baby:

he becomes more friendly and sociable

he since childhood is learning to protect and care for the more helpless creatures,

as a result, he understands more than anyone that compassion and tender love of a friend. Continue reading

Animals also go to heaven
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Feeding the puppy Alabai from 6 to 18 months
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Animals that can predict events
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