What dreams they see animals

“It is noticed that almost all animals, whether aquatic, aerial or terrestrial, it is evident fall into a dream state,” wrote Aristotle in his treatise “On sleep and wakefulness”. But go to our “lesser brothers” in their dreams?

Jason Goldman, a graduate student at the University of southern California (Los Angeles), evolutionary psychology examines human and animal. The young scientist said that today there are two main ways to look into the minds of sleeping cats, birds and other living creatures. The first method is to observe the physical behavior of animals during the different phases of the cycle “sleep-Wake”. The second is whether their brain in the sleep state similarly to how this state operates our brain.

Since school biology lessons, we know that during sleep the brain passes through several periods with different activity levels. One of them, with relatively lower activity, called slow wave sleep. The second, during which brain activity is almost the same as during wakefulness, was named the fast phase, or REM-phase (from the English. REM – rapid eye movement, rapid eye movement). At this time, the spinal cord sends a powerful braking impulses, paralyzing all our body and making it impossible to move, speak or scream. Continue reading

Bengal cat

Cats of this breed resemble their “ancestors” leopards, because the breed was developed thanks to the purposeful crossing of wild Asian leopard cat and an ordinary domestic cat. And the Asian leopard cat belongs to the subfamily of Panthers (as well as more “serious” animals – leopard, tiger, lion). As we see, attempts of this crossing has yielded its fruits, although at first the males of the first generations were not able to reproduce offspring, and the kittens of this breed appeared due to females-cats and their “linkages” with domestic cats. Thus was derived to reproduce offspring. The Bengal cat is a rare breed in our country. Yes in other countries it is not very numerous. And, meeting these cats for the first time, paying attention to their unusual appearance, “newcomers” even I prick up my ears, I’m afraid. But people who are familiar with the cats of this breed love them very much, just not the soul of tea. In principle, such a versatile attitude to these cats is not surprising, since she was bred with the intention that by their very existence show the tenderness and affection of a forest predator to a pet, the animal in hand. The idea was to get people to think about the dangers of the destruction of leopards – in fact, seeing a Bengal cat, people will correlate this image with the house and calm, not predation. This idea belonged to the American biologist, author of the experiment – Jane mill. By the way, between the British and prodiamesinae there are differences, but they are not particularly significant. Continue reading

Animals and children.

All children love Pets . While still quite young children, they are often besieged by parents asking to buy them a four-legged friend or another home it pet. However, many parents in the appearance of their house animal only see problems. Because many parents are afraid of aggressive animals and need constant care and clean up after them. Psychologists believe that it is best to have a pet child, when he turns four.

The most suitable animals at this age are Guinea pig, hamster, tortoise, parrot, rabbit or an aquarium with fish. Although young children cannot care for them, but give them the opportunity to help, when I change the cells in the litter, feed the animals. Already from the age of five can be trusted most of the concerns for his little pet owner. Small children usually know about allowed only through the familiar cartoons or pictures, to a living pet they at first treated as a toy. Therefore, parents should patiently explain that the animal is not a toy and need to communicate with him as with a living creature, but at the same time, he’s not human, so his tastes and manners don’t coincide with the lifestyle of the baby.

Pets play a huge role in the upbringing of the child. A small child reaches out to pet him and posnetke the world around him. As a result of communicating with animals in children is curiosity and observation, and taking care of Pets, they learn to work and caring attitude not only to wildlife but also to humans. Continue reading

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