What to feed tortoises at home?

Perhaps one of the most unpretentious and calm pet is a tortoise. It is slow, but very lovely and charming animal noise, almost does not cause their hosts discomfort, not is vector of different diseases dangerous to humans. And care for cute turtles quite simple and does not require daily hassle.

It is believed that the average tortoise in captivity, i.e. in the home, can live up to 40 years. But unfortunately, often due to improper care and feeding of Pets do not survive to 10 years.

Find out how to properly care for a land turtle, as well as what and how often to feed.

Basic care

Experienced veterinarians claim that almost all diseases that affect turtles in captivity, are related to the fact that they are being kept out of the terrarium. First, the tortoise, crawling around the house becomes unprotected before the teeth of dogs and cats, often living in the same apartment, she could come home, accidentally put a stool, dropping some heavy object, etc. Continue reading

The ideal Pets

In various books and films the heroine always afraid of rodents, it doesn’t matter whether it’s a huge rat or small decorative fluffy hamster. Frightened by the appearance of a rat or mouse woman is a classic stereotype, but whether it is justified and logical or with some long tailed rodent copes with the role of pet?

For the first time in the role of a pet probably felt like a rat . saved from experiments in the laboratory. Who would have thought that the animals, known at first only as pests and carriers of disease, and then how the most popular experimental animals, will be one of the most beloved and comfortable in the house allowed.

5 reasons to make decorative rat

Decorative rats are fun Pets with their manners, habits and characters behind them are very interesting to watch. They will give you a lot of pleasant and joyful minutes.

– Decorative rats quickly become accustomed to a desired mode. If very young individuals, which you just put you can be active day and night to sleep, then after a while they will start to stay awake when you are awake. Most rats are pretty quiet animals.

Decorative rats can be really tame animals. They are smart, more cleanly than other decorative rodents, they have a good memory, they uznaetsya. Love affection. Older domesticated animal with pleasure, his eyes half shut get in your lap or near your hands, will allow you to Pat the back and between the ears. Decorative rats are able to relieve stress is not worse than cats. In addition, many of the rats respond to the human voice and are able to distinguish your name. In the presence of hard and systematic training, some rats are able to perform some simple commands. Continue reading

Exotic animals for home maintenance

Man by nature tends to stand out among their own kind. Given the diversity of flora and fauna, it’s no wonder why every year more and more popular in our homes become exotic animals.

Many of them are so funny, that break away from them is hard even for adults, to say nothing for the children. In our material – the most rare and the most popular inhabitants.

The rating of the exotic animal world

Many prefer the most unusual animals, unlike the usual cats and dogs.

For those lovers we have prepared a top list, which also included the following animals:

A little bit about the turtles

Among exotic Pets, pay attention to the land turtle. Still, it can be found far not in each apartment. For the existence in normal conditions close to natural, you will need to get a terrarium. It should be set up in such a way that there was soil and ultraviolet illumination. In addition, the animal likes to hide, so take care about asylum.

With the warming heat can make a small fence on the balcony. There the turtle will be given more space and comfort. They feed on various plants in nature and in captivity they readily eat greens, vegetables and fruits (for example, raw cabbage and potatoes).It is best to feed a turtle 3-4 times a week and take fresh water. Continue reading

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