Care for pygmy rabbit and its contents.

If you decide to purchase a home undemanding animal that would not require special attention, the pygmy rabbit will suit you perfectly. These rodents do not require special care, that’s why they are bred in large numbers on farms for meat. But it’s not about that.

My rabbit lives in happiness and prosperity for 8 years, he does not feel any discomfort. For content, you first need to cell size 1000*500*500 mm. – enough so that your pet is not sitting in one place all my life. All the rest is acquired over time or on request. For bedding I recommend to use pressed sawdust, which perfectly absorb any moisture during the long period of time. Thus, a layer of 1-1,5 cm, litter is my pet 7 days. Rabbits, quite clean animals, but there are individuals (like mine) who like to crap everywhere and anywhere. The bed of wood pellets, will provide comfort and coziness to you and your pet. The cost of this litter is not great, and the service life exceeds expectations. With careful care, it is possible not to change the litter, if the time to remove the (swollen) parts of the granules. Continue reading

Guinea pig care and maintenance

Guinea pig In this article, we will try to fully describe the content and care of Guinea pigs. The article summarizes the main aspects of the maintenance and care of the animals, we painted history and other minor in our view, the nuances, gathering only the most necessary and important.

Weight (at birth) 50-110 gr.;

Weight (adult animal) 700-1000 (up to 1800) gr.;

Sexual maturity – females 30 days males 60 days;

Sexual maturity for reproduction – 4 months;

The cycle is 14-16 days;

Duration of pregnancy is from 60 to 70 days;

The number of cubs is 1-5, rarely 6;

Age of weaning from mother not earlier than 21 days with a weight of not less than 160 gr.;

Body length – 24 to 30 cm. Continue reading

What to feed tortoises at home?

Perhaps one of the most unpretentious and calm pet is a tortoise. It is slow, but very lovely and charming animal noise, almost does not cause their hosts discomfort, not is vector of different diseases dangerous to humans. And care for cute turtles quite simple and does not require daily hassle.

It is believed that the average tortoise in captivity, i.e. in the home, can live up to 40 years. But unfortunately, often due to improper care and feeding of Pets do not survive to 10 years.

Find out how to properly care for a land turtle, as well as what and how often to feed.

Basic care

Experienced veterinarians claim that almost all diseases that affect turtles in captivity, are related to the fact that they are being kept out of the terrarium. First, the tortoise, crawling around the house becomes unprotected before the teeth of dogs and cats, often living in the same apartment, she could come home, accidentally put a stool, dropping some heavy object, etc. Continue reading

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