Worms transmitted from dogs to humans is it Possible to get infected?

Very often people who write articles in popular magazines, unfortunately, even though work surface to examine the issue about which they so boldly write. Here is a simple information which will facilitate understanding of the issue:

A person’s temperature 36.6 degrees, and the temperature of the dog is 38.5-39 degrees. For living life ( from egg to adult) within the host the parasite the gap to 2 degrees is a HUGE difference. Parasites can’t exist in such “cold” conditions, the ability to reproduce is lost completely, and the process of infection is possible, as a rule, only in case of sharp falling of immunity, during a serious illness.

And with the recovery and restoration of immunity of canine parasites in the human body will inevitably die. But under normal conditions, the egg of the same dog roundworm, once in the human body, begins to develop because of the uncomfortable conditions. And the egg just passing along the bowel comes out. In General, the nature of the dog its Ascaris, as a cow its own, and everyone has his or her. So people askaridami infected from another person and nothing else. Continue reading

Pets exotic animals

Any kind of pet, be it a cute kitty or a faithful four-legged friend – the dog gives a lot of positive emotions. Always meets on the threshold of the house, is always happy and cares for you.

But this article is not about the usual domestic animals which we are accustomed to seeing in apartments, this is an article about exotic animals which today was, you can keep at home.

Home to such exotic animals can be attributed a land turtle . She’s going to care when you come home and what mood she’s only interested in food. Dandelions, which You tore off for her from the spring lawn, or sliced banana that you bought in the store. Once the turtle was considered truly exotic animals, now they are more valued for simplicity.

Today, the most accessible to house exotic animals can be considered madagaskaras cockroach . Such a miracle, the cockroach reaches about 10 inches in length. When the rough physical contacts with him complaining making loud hissing sounds. This migrant from distant Madagascar today is popular among young people as a great pet that is suitable to live at home. Such a miracle can be kept in a tightly sealed aquarium or to throw your “well-wishers”, in General a Madagascar cockroach – exotic animal lover. Continue reading

What pet to get for your child

Funny naughty puppy, playful little kitten, and may be shaggy Guinea pig or white rat with beady eyes – who to start? One day the question will still appear in almost every family.

Indeed, how nice to caress behind the ear purring cat or feed the hamster pieces of fruit, or maybe in your house have already been accepted, when the baby was born, and now you anxiously think they will get along together?

Do we need animals in the house?

Any good psychologist will tell you, that normal pet extremely positive effect on personality development baby:

he becomes more friendly and sociable

he since childhood is learning to protect and care for the more helpless creatures,

as a result, he understands more than anyone that compassion and tender love of a friend. Continue reading

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