What pet to get for your child

Funny naughty puppy, playful little kitten, and may be shaggy Guinea pig or white rat with beady eyes – who to start? One day the question will still appear in almost every family.

Indeed, how nice to caress behind the ear purring cat or feed the hamster pieces of fruit, or maybe in your house have already been accepted, when the baby was born, and now you anxiously think they will get along together?

Do we need animals in the house?

Any good psychologist will tell you, that normal pet extremely positive effect on personality development baby:

he becomes more friendly and sociable

he since childhood is learning to protect and care for the more helpless creatures,

as a result, he understands more than anyone that compassion and tender love of a friend.

Exactly Pets, but mostly cats and dogs, show the kid what a true friendship is loyalty and faithfulness.

Pets: positive aspects

A lot of them and they properly affect the formation of a young person. As a rule, it is:

education responsibility;

the teaching in practice to the rules of personal hygiene;

education the most positive feelings in the child love,affection, care, kindness, sympathy, compassion;

overall development of the child in the right direction.

Negative points

They are also present in considerable quantity:

the sudden appearance of Allergy in any of the family members – for fluff, feathers, wool, animal waste;

the unpredictability of animal behavior in unexpected situations;

the potential danger from possible “carriers” of the infection animals – worms, ringworm, rabies;

the appearance of “extra” chores around the feeding and care of animals;

significant costs from the family budget on food, veterinary care, hygiene;

the struggle for purity in the apartment.

All of this really need to be aware of before getting a pet, and if difficulties and challenges do not frighten you, then you can proceed to the selection of a particular animal.

Whom to choose?

The answer to this question must be approached with utmost seriousness and greater responsibility.


Members of the cat family – kittens and adult cats usually are children good-naturedly enough. Although it is not recommended to get a cat, if you have a very young child (up to two to three years). Males are much more tolerable to too much children’s attention – whether excessive expression of feelings of love with a strong prijimanie or measurement of the cat’s tail manually.

Really affectionate breeds are the Russian blue, Angora, Himalayan, and to communicate with the children even had a specially bred breed is the ragdoll. In the case of an allergic reaction in toddler hair, attention should be paid to such an interesting breed like the Sphinx which has no hair, but she is cute in its own way and quite pleasant to the touch.


If you want to choose a dog, in this case, it is necessary to thoroughly study the characteristics of various breeds. So the Doberman Pinscher breed is quite unpredictable, so to have it in the family with young children not worth it.

Dogs small or miniature breeds usually have complex, and sometimes even uncontrollable in nature and sensitive to children, so it is desirable to give preference to breed with a more docile nature, for example:


When choosing fish, be prepared for the fact that almost the entire volume of works on maintenance of the aquarium will rest entirely on your shoulders, so agreeing to the aquarium to the large volume we must remember that the maintenance of cleanliness and order is quite a serious matter.

But your little one will love to feed the fish and, fascinated, for a long time to observe their interesting life in the underwater world. In addition, fish is a very calm and quiet animals, so they are ideal for an overly active child, because when dealing with them he learns patience and restraint. As for allergies, it may appear on their feed.


For the little animal lover (5 years) a great option would be the purchase of rats. This rodent of small size is relatively easy to care for-it need a little food for rodents enough budget. But most importantly, the rats of all the animals show compact size a really great affection.

And if the animals were already in the house before the baby is born?

Take care of your future friendship of your pet and unborn baby in advance:

Try to gradually accustom the animal to be around children, you need to do as often as possible to invite them to visit your friends with kids.

Directly under your supervision, allow the pet to sniff the little children – so he will get used to their smell; even veterinarians advise to bring home from the hospital unwashed baby clothes or diaper to your four-legged friend was able to get the smell of a new family member and even get used to it.

If a cat or dog like to sleep next to you, and may even be in the same bed, then it’s time to change this habit – train your pet to sleep outside of your room even before her baby.

Do not leave the baby and pet alone in the first weeks immediately after returning from the hospital – the animal behavior in this period is very difficult to predict, be proactive about preventing unforeseen problems.

Why do many parents still decide to have a pet for their children?

It’s very simple: despite the obvious difficulties in daily care, positive aspects, as a rule, win. Communicating with animals is especially useful for shy and timid children. After all, feeling responsible for the weaker creature, baby feels more confident, and in company with a young friend it is much easier to overcome your childhood fears, moreover, the animal does not criticize his older friend, and accepts him as he is.

So the answer to the question – are they compatible children and animals in the same house – most will be positive. And task of adults – to apply maximum effort and diligence to this neighborhood developed into a real friendship.

To summarize

And yet, dear parents, what animals you would not stop your choice, most likely, care about him have you, because to give real help in the care of a pet can only older children. And kids often look at pet, as a living toy, but that it will be able to show your little ones where real feelings are necessary for the complete forming his little personality.

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