What to feed tortoises at home?

Perhaps one of the most unpretentious and calm pet is a tortoise. It is slow, but very lovely and charming animal noise, almost does not cause their hosts discomfort, not is vector of different diseases dangerous to humans. And care for cute turtles quite simple and does not require daily hassle.

It is believed that the average tortoise in captivity, i.e. in the home, can live up to 40 years. But unfortunately, often due to improper care and feeding of Pets do not survive to 10 years.

Find out how to properly care for a land turtle, as well as what and how often to feed.

Basic care

Experienced veterinarians claim that almost all diseases that affect turtles in captivity, are related to the fact that they are being kept out of the terrarium. First, the tortoise, crawling around the house becomes unprotected before the teeth of dogs and cats, often living in the same apartment, she could come home, accidentally put a stool, dropping some heavy object, etc.

Secondly, the reptile catch a cold very easily. Let’s say you have decided to ventilate the bedroom and opened wide the balcony, while the turtle rests peacefully under the battery.

Because of the draught animal could easily get pneumonia, to treat which will dolgoi hard. In addition, the carapace (the carapace reptiles) are collected dust and dirt from the farthest corners of the apartment.

It is also worth noting that reptiles often suffer from hypovitaminosis (lack of multiple or single vitamin). This can occur not only due to the shortage of food, but also as a result of lack of UV radiation, because, as you know, some vitamins are produced by the body independently, under sunlight.

That’s why the turtle has to live in their own house — terrarium. For one or two reptiles suitable capacity size in 50x30x40 cm, the bottom of which is filled with mixture of clay with sand or dry sawdust. Pile terrarium with a variety of toys, unnecessary objects is not necessary because the tortoise in the home must constantly move.

The temperature in the terrarium should support the incandescent lamps 75 watts, installed at a distance of 25-30 cm from the bottom. Lighting should be by fluorescent light.

The temperature should be in the range of 27-29° C and at the point of heating, i.e. under the lamp is about 35-38° C.

To clean the terrarium and change in the flooring it is recommended that at least once in two weeks.

The feed tank cannot be put under the lamp.

Each bug (if you have more than one) required individual shelter. To purchase a special house for reptiles in any of the veterinary store. However, you can do it yourself: it’s enough to cut it in half ceramic pot for flowers and sanding the edges so that the favorite does not cut it.

Once a week you can make the turtle a bath. Bathe her in a basin of warm water (at a temperature of 26-29°C). The water level should be up to the reptiles neck. To clean the shell recommended a soft toothbrush, which should not be much pressure to avoid damaging the cover.

What to feed a land turtle in the home?

If necessary, they obtain for himself the mineral substances necessary for the formation and strengthening of the carapace. At home, this responsibility falls squarely on the shoulders of the owner.

First of all, should determine what species is your pet.

All tortoises are divided into two types:

The menu is omnivorous animals half should consist of plant foods and half from protein.

The basic diet of the omnivorous turtles:

chicken or beef liver (once a week);

the vegetables (zucchini, squash, cucumbers, carrots);

fruit (apples, peaches, pears, plums, apricots, etc.);

herbs (fresh or dry salads, flowers, herbs, succulents, edible leaves);


Herbivorous land turtle, of course, need to be fed only plant foods.

80% of the diet should be greens (lettuce, flowers, herbs, etc.);

15% of fresh or defrosted vegetables;

5% — not too sweet fruits (apples, plums, bananas, etc.).

Once a week, herbivores are allowed to treat non-poisonous mushrooms (russules, mushrooms, chanterelles).

You can also be led in the diet soybean meal, bran, dry seaweed, roasted sunflower seeds young.

New owners concerned about the issue, how many times a day to feed a land turtle. Veterinarians say to feed a reptile every day, preferably at the same time.

To give the tortoise too much food, as overfeeding can lead to irregular growth of the shell and body. While poor diet, in contrast, causes exhaustion and death of the reptile.

Ideally, companion cats a day have to consume as much food as she can eat in half an hour. Estimated amount of daily servings should be no more than half of the shell of the reptile. Food in any case can not be processed thermally. The temperature of the feed should be at room. All the food you need to chop to the turtle it was easy to chew.

The Council . Do not let the turtle only what she likes. The diet should be rich and balanced. If you train her to “sort out” the products, she will eat what she liked, and this, in turn, necessarily have a negative impact on her health.

In nature, reptiles do not drink the water and get it from fresh vegetables, fruits and herbs. But, nevertheless, in the terrarium turtles should always be a drinker of pure unboiled water, because the content in captivity cannot be compared with natural.

Mandatory turtle need to give vitamins and calcium. Terrestrial reptiles give minerals in the form of powder, previously mixed with the main food. To companion cats themselves up in their body calcium balance, put in the terrarium calcium block for budgies.

To feed a land turtle purchase food too often because no one specially adapted food for its nutritional value can not be compared with natural products. To choose food, consult with an experienced vet, he will recommend what type of feed is right for your turtle, focusing on her age, health and breed.

As feeding ground reptiles it is possible to give grass meal from alfalfa. To use it in this way: pour a few tablespoons of flour with clean drinking water at room temperature and mix with the main feed. This product contains an animal much-needed trace elements, and vitamins E, B1, B2, A and D.

What not to feed a land turtle

In the list of banned products includes:

fruit and berries, citrus fruit peels;

bakery, baking, cereal, dairy products, fried foods, eggs and eggshells;

medicinal and poisonous plants (nightshade, lutikova, potato leaves, Crocus, Narcissus, Euphorbia, delphinium, hydrangea, mistletoe, dieffenbachia, Azalea, Lily, Elodea);

meat, fish, sausages;

in large quantities — onions, garlic, beans sprouts, spinach, celery, lettuce, rhubarb, spicy greens, pears, cherry, sweet cherry, tomatoes, cabbage, radish.

As you can see, in the content of terrestrial reptiles has its own quirks. Follow these simple recommendations, and your favorite will delight you for decades!

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