Worms transmitted from dogs to humans is it Possible to get infected?

Very often people who write articles in popular magazines, unfortunately, even though work surface to examine the issue about which they so boldly write. Here is a simple information which will facilitate understanding of the issue:

A person’s temperature 36.6 degrees, and the temperature of the dog is 38.5-39 degrees. For living life ( from egg to adult) within the host the parasite the gap to 2 degrees is a HUGE difference. Parasites can’t exist in such “cold” conditions, the ability to reproduce is lost completely, and the process of infection is possible, as a rule, only in case of sharp falling of immunity, during a serious illness.

And with the recovery and restoration of immunity of canine parasites in the human body will inevitably die. But under normal conditions, the egg of the same dog roundworm, once in the human body, begins to develop because of the uncomfortable conditions. And the egg just passing along the bowel comes out. In General, the nature of the dog its Ascaris, as a cow its own, and everyone has his or her. So people askaridami infected from another person and nothing else.

The development cycle of parasites of the dog

Most parasites are dangerous to animals and humans pass through the stages of development in DIFFERENT animals step by step. That is, for example, the egg falls to the ground,then he should eat pasture mites, then the mites must eat the sheep (goat, cow), and then sheep meat must eat dog. It is a parasite acquires the ability to proliferate, i.e. to give off eggs. The dog defecates on the grass, where it eats feces mite. The cycle is closed.

So: TICK – SHEEP – DOG. And how we can catch this disease from dogs? Yes in any WAY. Yes, the dog is in the chain, BUT even if she is infected, the eggs of the parasite still must pass first through the stage of development of the tick. In a person without visiting the tick, they can not develop, the stage doesn’t allow, they die in a warm-blooded animal. And ticks together with grass like sheep do not eat. and if you eat it, the intestine is not so, no time egg in it to “Wake up”, and still have time to die, because the intestinal flora is not like that. Not our it’s a parasite and all.

Fasciolosis (liver helminths in)

There cycle also goes through an intermediate host – the snail-the pond. The SHEEP (or people) – SNAIL – SHEEP (or people). And how infected sheep? And she drinks dirty water from the pond in which he lives and the snail swallows the larvae. As you drink raw water from stagnant ponds (not rivers, in rivers pond not live)? If Yes, then maybe you really should get checked out for fascioliasis.. Although, in our region, the disease is rare, dry summer we have here, swamps and little ponds.

In our region there is such a thing


There is a development cycle like this: the CAT (or man, dog, Fox) – a FRESHWATER CLAM – Cyprinid fishes. Infection occurs by eating undercooked infected freshwater fish. You know, the salmon home smoked, for example, purchased on the market.

And can you catch from a dog? NO, you can’t, because to be infectious the larvae need to be in clam and fish. Otherwise well does not work. Stroke and kiss the dog as much as you want. Contamination happens ONLY when meat-eating fish. But if you like river fish, with even do not come close to dogs can be infected for sure. Fish-as it should be 40 minutes, no one cooks.

The only disease that is transmitted from dogs directly is echinococcosis

The disease is dangerous, the cure in humans difficult (in dogs it safe again just one country vermifuge), but, fortunately, extremely rare. The fact that the infected dog can ONLY eat the liver of dead infected sheep. Echinococcosis is a disease primarnih shepherd herding dogs. Raspostranen widely on the Caucasus and Central Asia. In our regions infectious like a dead sheep on the streets is not that bad.

In General the best way to sleep peacefully and not worry about parasites, so it is glistogonnoe dog as it is necessary 1 time in 3 months. Why 1 time in 3 months? Because the cycles of development (time from egg to sexually Mature individuals able to reproduce) parasites take time and for most parasites is 4 months or more. If you glistogonnoe as expected, the parasites do not have time to start to “spawn” and the dog will always be safe for other dogs, animals and humans, and indeed will not have time to suffer from infection.

On the Internet a lot of articles that introduces people astray. I was particularly amused by the statement on one of the sites that “most often, the infection occurs from Pets. ”

This, of course, is not true. Most often, the infection comes from the fact that not complied with the rules of personal hygiene – not washing our hands before eating. And eggs get on hands with grass, soil, water, infected raw meat and fish (if gutting and cutting). “everything in the apartment strewn with eggs of parasites” Is an exaggeration at least, witty recognized to put fear.

I’m not talking about the fact that even highly zapitannya dog, usually not dangerous to humans (though dangerous to other dogs, for example). “from the faeces of the worms in the fur of animals..” I’d love to see how it is technically possible. Will come up with the same people. “pinworm eggs that have fallen from the coat and remain viable..” the fact that

Pinworms live only in humans, or rather children

In adults, even without treatment they die, because the immune system in adults is high and the parasites can not stand, can not reproduce. But in dogs, it is not a disease. Even similar not. And, of course, a dog cannot be a source of infection. I.e. this statement is simply sucked from the finger.

“The main reason of hemorrhoids are pinworms..” That would be laughed proctologists! Even a layman knows that the causes of this disease are quite different. And pinworms in adults, as I wrote, is not seen.

Preventive measures I’m pretty pleased, especially about bathing dogs in rubber gloves 🙂 And, in General, pay attention to the fact that no specific names of parasitic diseases (except pinworm, of course), a lot of fear overtaken, but education and knowledge is clearly not enough. Do not fall for such articles, it tips Housewives after watching cheap talk shows.

And their children I also glistogonno every six months. But not because I have a lot of dogs, and because they attend preschool and school institutions, where they enjoy common spaces, grasping at door handles in places patency of the large number of people and in public transport, not always wash their hands before eating and after using the toilet in school, etc. So Balik I also love.

Parasites. With the parasites of our civilization, I can assure you, it is highly effective against, which is not true about tuberculosis and syphilis that can be caught on the way home on the bus.

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