You need to go to another city with your pet?

Select the drivers that in their profile indicated that they are not against to take companions with Pets in their profile icon is a dog in a green circle.

We asked our community to share the experience of traveling with animals in the comments to the post in our group Vkontakte. and they not only told us their stories . but also gave useful tips to other passengers and drivers who are going to travel with animals.

We have collected them in this post.

History passengers

We went with a half-breed huskies . 2.5 years. On the routes Saint-Petersburg-Tambov, Tambov-Moscow, Moscow-Saint-Petersburg, that is not close. The dog behaved perfectly, most of my time sleeping or staring out the window. Only once allowed himself to beg French fries from the driver :)) by the Way, not all drivers took the money for the dog. And one day rode with driver who drove even his dog – kennel and two dog two in one machine, mini-club, it is generally best trip was.

I was driving with a dog on a route Lipetsk-Moscow with very good and understanding driver arrived without any problems, but I bought entirely all over the back seat, so the dog was large .

Edilis Tyumen Kurgan. Well turned out, friendly driver drove carefully, quickly, comfortably. And back with him. Our Potocnica reclined in the back seat. The only thing the driver asked to give our coverlet . Very grateful to you and the site and the driver!

I went from Kursk to Moscow. I was lucky – the passengers were just me and my dog, a Dachshund . Very lucky with the driver, a 20 years old boy 🙂 And drove very carefully, and when asked to bring the dog outside, always stopped. It’s a pity one did not record his number as very often I go! Thank you, Nikita.

Always travel with his Vostochniy . This summer for the first time used BlaBlaCar. Loved it! Despite the fact that the dog is a large (45 kg), many drivers were willing to take us, even many of those who did not indicate animals in the preferences . We traveled with companions for a trip from Moscow to Rostov-on-don, Yeysk to Rostov and Krasnodar to Moscow. All drivers were very attentive and responsive people, and the passengers had expressed a keen interest in the dog, and she was very happy. The only thing I feared during the journey, it is to get a tube in the sun in a car without air conditioning, but this did not happen.

I went with the dog 80 km, in area, large breed, a cross between a Labrador. There is no photo on the back seat we both fit 🙂 the Young man kindly agreed and even once halfway stopped for the dog to use the toilet, the dog was a little nervous, but drove for an hour and 20 minutes, without problems 🙂 once again a huge thanks to him! The world is full of kind and helpful people 🙂

I went from Kotlas to Tucson with the dog, we broke her leg and went into surgery . and back and forth went on BlaBlaCar, drivers caught understand, Marcel and I whined back and forth, it was painful, the road is not very good, but the drivers are very nice people, thank them for a very good attitude. It depends on the drivers, the main thing to specify in advance, whether with a dog.

Advice to passengers traveling with animals

Do not send animals with the drivers, if not go yourself. You pass on to the driver responsible, and pet without you will be uncomfortable.

Don’t feed the dogs before the trip. Even if the animal tolerates the transport, on an empty stomach to go it will be much easier. Any dog, regardless of size, can easily do without food during the day. But water must.

Take it on the road a special seat cover, bought in a pet store. A very handy thing.

Don’t forget the muzzle, even if you know that your dog is good-natured. If during the trip the other passengers won’t mind, can remove. The muzzle should be selected in such a way that the dog could freely stick your tongue out and pant heavily, otherwise it can get heat stroke even if the car is not hot.

History of drivers

Lucky lady with two events: one the size of ovcarica, the other as York . Sat in the front seat the entire crowd. Traveling from Moscow to St. Petersburg. The animals were calm, only the large was definitely cramped. My car was in wool. But the tape and wet wipes work wonders .

I have a companion cat . which has already several times been keeping me company. It is so quiet that even unclear whether he is or not 🙂 With the dog also drove, but it was a dog not a cat . There were not any problems. And the last time I asked to transport a puppy in a box without an owner. I did not take a chance, refused. You never know what the road will happen.

With me went the girl with a very small and very sweet dog . which is placed on the knees. No problems have arisen, the trip was 600 km, every 200 km (about 2 hours) and stayed a little warmed up. I have a small doubts were dispelled at the time of the meeting . However, a small correction I did to the leather interior, can quickly remove the “trouble”. In the profile I have is no Pets, by the way. For people willing to be responsible for your pet, I think, will not be a big problem to call and verify the readiness of the driver to exceptions.

I had a married couple with a French bulldog from Moscow to Arkhangelsk and back – the girl with two tiny pups : ) First, of course, closely it was three in the backseat of Solaris, but all reached safely. However, there is the dog is not given, so as not to puke, but walked all the stops. But with kids! – they really did not go, crawling under the sheet at the feet of the mistress (in the front seat). The only minus – after the Frenchman the whole ass of the car was in the wool, though, and made the quilt. So keep that in mind!

Drove to Minsk uncle with two purebred cats on exhibition. There and back again. Few wanted to take it. I saved cats, and promoted glorification ))) But it is a miracle, the South Russian Ovtcharka . drove me 800 miles :)) In the back seat. Even went two guys. By the halfway sat with him in the back. The joke was that the dog is well behaved, only hugging people :)) were going Out, fed, watered. More porpoises were carrying three thoroughbred :)) have a Photo where they have the wife on hands, multi-colored )) All are still taking animals at the event!

Dog! Crow I drove from St. Petersburg to Moscow. It’s huge. The worst thing was, when he began to publish his SOUND. Ride safely, passengers fall asleep and then. Immediately Zinger all

When we go far, we go usually with the whole family ( me, wife and dog a Cocker Spaniel ) and take two passengers with BlaBlaCar. The dog always sits by wife’s lap in the front seat. But many passengers have a desire to cuddle her . and in the end a dog walks on their hands 🙂 the Last time riding as always from Sarov to Moscow and Murom took passengers. Now, they were traveling with two cats . At first the cats were sitting in a kennel, then they were removed. The dog got along with cats, and they with her : )

Tips for drivers who take passengers with animals

Do not take animals without owners. It is an extra responsibility, and if on the way something happens to understand will be difficult.

Animals always carry in a special carrying, if possible. Some drivers believe that the roads have abnormal places, and animals can react, abruptly jumping to his feet.

If there is no carry, then at least try to keep animals in the back seat so they don’t disturb you.

Always check all passengers who may have allergies to animals, if traveling with your pet or with passengers, which took animals.

Before the trip, asking passengers to wash the dog – this will avoid or reduce the smell in the cabin.

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